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The queens reminisce and talk highly of Aiden Zhane as they wipe her mirror message. In confessional, Heidi N Closet misses Aiden and Widow Von'Du points out all the phoniness of the queens being nice about Aiden.

At the couch, Heidi N Closet calls out Gigi Goode for talking bad about her makeup during Untucked. Gigi tries to defend herself, but Heidi admits she's lost respect for Gigi. Widow confronts the queens about them hurting her feelings and talking bad about her during Untucked. Widow hopes that the queens falter during a dance challenge; the queens bicker further.

During the next day, the tension is still thick in the Werk Room.

RuPaul announces the next Maxi Challenge will be a musical about Madonna's career and life. The queens have to record their vocals and then conduct choreography with Jamal Sims. In confessional, Jackie Cox is worried about the dancing and Widow Von'Du is laughing about karma.

Jackie Cox is BoyToy Madonna, Jaida Essence Hall is Sexy Madonna, Widow Von'Du is Fempire Madonna, Jan is Early Madonna, Heidi is Spoken Word, Crystal is Enlightened Madonna, Sherry is Moviestar Madonna, Gigi is Unapologetic Madonna, and Brita is Cone Bra Madonna. Brita refuses to change and do something else; Gigi reluctantly chooses Unapologetic.

Michelle Visage oversees the vocal recording for the queens. Jan does an amazing job during her recording. In confessional, Widow Von'Du is pissed that they let the best singer kick off the musical.

Jaida Essence Hall has a hard time exuding sexy during her recording. Michelle helps her get into the mindset; Jaida does better after the lesson.

Jackie Cox sings too cutesy in her role. Michelle wants her to channel the mood, but she fails. Widow Von'Du, Crystal Methyd, and a few of the queens are terrible singers!

Brita adds a bit of a manly voice to her part to add humor. Michelle loves it.

Gigi Goode has no one who Patti LuPone is. Gigi is nervous at the microphone and is flubbing over her words. In confessional, Brita sees a weak spot and opportunity to defeat Gigi.

Jamal starts teaching the fan choreography, but Widow Von'Du reveals that she hurt her knee during RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12 Episode 1. Jamal tweaks the choreography to not avoid any injuries. In confessional, Jackie Cox gives a look and Brita chastises Widow for still being injured.

Jan is doing an amazing job during their choreography. In confessional, Brita talks trash about Jan.

Jackie Cox's dance routine is lacking sex appeal.

Gigi Goode is dancing robotic and looking afraid during the choreography. In confessional, Heidi N Closet is joking about Gigi staying out of the top.

Heidi N Closet kills it during the choreography.

Brita isn't nailing the Roger Rabbit dance move.

During the next day, Brita is worried because she was in the bottom three times. Heidi N Closet talks about her uncle who died of HIV; she talks about not having a good relationship with her father. Crystal Methyd talks about how her father was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. Crystal tears up about his illness.

RuPaul's outfit during the runway is a leather dominatrix ensemble. Michelle Visage dispels the rumor of getting a cease and desist letter from Madonna. The guest judges are Winnie Harlow and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes.

The runway theme is "Night of a Thousand Michelle Visages."

The queens perform the musical.

Jan's outfit is Glamozonian airline attendant, Jackie Cox is All-Stars drag outfit, Gigi Goode is Soul System cartoon design, Brita is RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Finale, Jaida Essence Hall is All-Stars Icon, Sherry Pie is Kitty Girl, Crystal Methyd is RuPaul Show lady in red, Widow Von'Du is RuPaul Show starry star show, and Heidi N Closet is on the set of Towey.

Jan, Gigi Goode, Crystal Methyd, Jackie Cox, Heidi N Closet, and Brita ended up in the top and bottom. Sherry Pie, Jaida Essence Hall, and Widow Von'Du are safe.

The judges love Jan's performance during the musical and her outfit on the runway. The judges love Jackie's outfit, but her performance in the musical felt uncertain and tamed. Jackie Cox is so thankful and happy to see AOC on the judging panel; Jackie breaks down in tears.

The judges love Gigi's performance during the musical and her look on the runway; they said she embodied Madonna the most. The judges talk highly of Brita's outfit, but they critique her earrings as being inaccurate.

The judges enjoyed Crystal's outfit and her performance in the musical. The judges feel Heidi didn't showcase the full Madonna vibe during the musical.

During the private judging panel, the judges said Jan was perfect, Jackie had a polarizing night, Gigi was a superstar, Brita looked too much in her head, Crystal was emerging as a talent, and Heidi didn't channel Madonna/skewed makeup look.

Jan is safe. In confessional, Widow Von'Du reveals that Jan was pissed that she lost the Rusical challenge.

Gigi Goode wins the challenge.

Brita and Heidi N Closet end up in the bottom two. The lipsync song is "Burning Up" by Madonna. The queens make it an energetic and comedic performance.

Heidi N Closet wins the lipsync and Brita is eliminated.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12 Episode 7 Quotes

Widow Von’Du: [In confessional] Y’all know what time it is, ‘cause I do: it’s time to learn this cho-re-og-ra-phy! So, the b****** that were like “I’m a singer!” … well, guess what b****, I’m a dancer!”

[In confessional] Brita, you really just had to fight Gigi for this Cone Bra Madonna and you were in the bottom two last week, so you really got to step up your Madonna p**** now, girl!

Heidi N Closet