Skeptical Denali - RuPaul's Drag Race
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The queens come back to the Werk Room to read Elliott with 2Ts lipstick message. Utica feels energized after her lip-sync. The queens absolutely love Symone's runway from the previous round.

Tina Burner and Olivia Lux are frustrated over being safe yet again. They haven't been at the top in a while.

Loni Love is the guest judge.

The queens conduct a psychic reading with an intuitive medium, Char Margolis. Char calls out that Kandy changed her opinion of Rosé, Utica's cow reaching out to her, Tina Burner's past with her father, and a flirtation between Denali and Rosé.

For the Maxi Challenge, the queens must perform makeovers on each other and transform the queens into their drag characters. The queens are paired with a queen they can learn the most from. The pairs are Olivia Lux/Denali, Rosé/Tina Burner, Gottmik/Kandy Muse, and Utica/Symone.

Denali wants to make Olivia into an ice queen; her drag style is very Alaskan and snowy. Olivia isn't impressed by the outfit, but she'll give out her energy.

Tina Burner thought of Rosé as shady in New York, but she'll give it a try for the challenge. Rosé doesn't like Tina's style of drag and her outfits. Both Tina and Rosé aren't comfortable wearing each other's styles.

Utica wants Symone to feel beautiful and look like a walking piece of art. Symone is feeling overwhelmed and nervous while trying on Utica's clothing. Utica is cautious about Symone's concept because she doesn't want to be appropriative with the drag.

Gottmik and Kandy Muse acknowledge that they'll need to reconstruct and make new garments since they're not the same size.

During the walkthrough, Kandy thinks she's intuitive and has a "goat's mouth" to manifest stuff. Gottmik reveals that she's adopted. Kandy Muse reveals that she's more trained and certified as a makeup artist than Gottmik.

Olivia thinks it was only a visit to the bottom lip-sync. Denali thinks she's on momentum to another challenge win. Tina Burner hates the colour pink and has to do it because she's paired with Rosé. RuPaul calls out Rosé's dance aesthetic on the runway.

Symone reveals she's only painted two other people before. Utica asks RuPaul what she thought of her lip-sync; RuPaul said she's still here in the competition. RuPaul reassures the pair that Utica can be respectful and comfortable in Symone's style.

The queens practice their walks as each other. Olivia teaches Denali to be a pageant while Denali teaches her to be a skater. Tina is more campy/fun while Rosé is expressive and dancer on the runway. Symone is a powerhouse queen on the runway while Utica is quirky and artistic. Gottmik is fun and sexy on the runway while Kandy Muse is full of flavor and sass.

During the next day, Rosé and Tina Burner have a heart-to-heart about friendship and how they've learned from each other. Denali said she's inspired by her strong mother and Olivia is inspired by her empowering aunts.

Utica is feeling more confident ahead of walking like Symone. Gottmik talks about where the white face mask comes from and the feminity she still has after her transition. Gottmik feels more empowered living her life authentically.

During the runway, Rosé is wearing Tina's red wig and green checkered housewife dress with a leopard reveal, Tina is in Rosé's pink wink and furry outfit, Olivia Lux in Denali's feathery cloud outfit and clomping down the runway, Denali is in a sparkly pageant gown from Olivia, Symone is in Utica's skin bodysuit and ram headdress, Utica is in a tiger sexy suit from Symone, Gottmik is in a fiery bodysuit from Kandy, and Kandy Muse in Gottmik's avant-garde black and white artistic dress.

The queens will be judged as pairs.

The judges think Rosé and Tina did a good job of turning into each other. Olivia didn't turn Denali into her trademark personality and looks, but they got enough of Denali from Olivia's look. The judges loved how Symone and Utica embodied each other on the runway. Gottmik showed off Kandy's attitude/personality and Kandy looked exactly like Gottmik.

RuPaul asks each queen who should go home this week. Rosé votes Olivia, Rina votes Olivia, Olivia votes Utica, Denali votes Kandy, Symone votes Olivia, Utica votes Olivia, Gottmik votes Olivia, and Kandy votes Denali/Olivia. Kandy calls out the rest of the queens for how easy it was for them and someone voting for her.

During the secret judging panel, the pair thinks Rosé/Tina looked alike, but they weren't elevated. Olivia's face wasn't blended and Denali didn't embody Olivia at all. Symone and Utica excelled as in an editorial way each other. Gottmik and Kandy Muse pulled it off in transforming each other.

Gottmik and Kandy Muse are safe. Symone and Utica are the winners. Rosé and Tina Burner are safe. Olivia Lux and Denali are at the bottom.

The lip-sync song is "Shackles (Praise You)" by Mary May.

Olivia Lux wins the lip-sync.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 Episode 10 Quotes

[In confessionals] A few weeks ago, I was “winner, winner, chicken dinner!” and now I am Lunchables. So, I need to really get it together if I am seeing myself anywhere near the top in this competition. You’re on Drag Race to shine! I mean, like, let’s do this.

Olivia Lux

[In confessional] This cow is speaking through Char right now to Ms. Utica?! You know what actually, that checks out. [Laughs]