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The queens return to the Werk Room to read Tina Burner's lipstick message. They're sad to see their sister go. Utica is feeling guilty about winning the lip-sync and still being in the competition.

Rosé is so happy to have won the previous challenge. Kandy Muse is hungry to finally get her first win.

For the next day, the queens take part in a live makeup application challenge for the Mini Challenge. The queens will be in pairs where one queen will perform the makeup with just their arms. The queens will use the new Norvina collection from Anastasia Beverly Hills. The pairs are Rosé and Kandy, Olivia and Symone, and Gottmik and Utica.

The duo with the funniest face wins. The queens create outrageous makeup looks and laughs. The winners are Rosé and Kandy Muse.

The Maxi Challenge is a nice girls roast. The queens must come up with jokes and roast some previous Miss Congeniality winners: Heidi N Closet, Nina West, and Valentina. As the previous winners, Rosé and Kandy Muse get to decide the order of the queens.

Kandy and Rosé come up with a strong strategy to keep the humor going. The order starts with Kandy, then Symone, Utica, Gottmik, Olivia, and Rosé will be last. In confessional, Symone is surprised Kandy and Rosé would put themselves in the most challenging spots.

Olivia Lux thinks she'll do really well in the challenge, but Utica thinks Olivia will have a hard time. Rosé laughs to herself as she recites her own material.

The queens start roasting and reading each other in the Werk Room.

Loni Love is the guest judge. She and Michelle Visage give the queens advice for the challenge. Kandy does well, but her language is a bit blue. Gottmik thinks she'll do bad, but her jokes get many laughs. Olivia Lux hits many hurdles during her rehearsal.

During her rehearsal, Rosé gets lots of laughs from the judges; they're confident about her. Symone overthought all her jokes; the judges want her to get right to the jokes. Utica's jokes get very mean; Michelle Visage is visibly mad at the mean roasting thrown her way.

The mirror moment conversations are about making people laugh. Rosé feels invigorated making people laugh. Olivia thinks it's an important job by drag queens to make people laugh.

RuPaul's runway outfit is a black sparkly bodysuit and sheer cape.

Kandy Muse kicks off the roast strongly with plenty of sharp and funny zingers.  Symone bombs on stage; she gets a few tiny laughs, but not much. Utica bombs the roast and causes some awkward tension on stage. Gottmik gets plenty of laughs by roasting the judges. Olivia Lux plays a "nice girl" persona and gets a few laughs and some bombs. Rosé ends the roast off strong with plenty of laughs.

There was no runway category.

The judges loved Kandy's roast; she did amazing on stage and they like her outfit. Symone had a great look, but her roast bombed as she spiraled. The judges love Utica's runway, but her roast was too mean and harsh; RuPaul playfully flipped her off. The judges loved Gottmik's roast; they think she has a career in comedy. The judges think Olivia's roast was off the mark, but Olivia disagreed and thought she fulfilled the challenge. The judges loved Rosé's performance; Loni thought some of her earlier jokes were better in rehearsal.

During the secret judging panel, the judges think Kandy knocked it out of the park, Symone couldn't land a joke, Utica bombed on stage, Gottmick found her rhythm with comedy, Olivia relied too much on being cute, and Rosé killed it on stage.

Rosé is safe. Symone is at the bottom. Kandy Muse is the winner of the challenge. Gottmik is safe. Olivia Lux is safe. Utica is also at the bottom.

The lip-sync song is "No Tears Left To Cry" by Ariana Grande. Symone adds plenty of facial expressions and owns the song. Utica adds movement and theatrics.

Symone wins the lip-sync.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 Episode 12 Quotes

Rosé: I’m feeling absolutely stunalina with my Norvina.
RuPaul: Woo!
Norvina: I think we have our new slogan.

If you glue your lips, doesn’t it look like I’m a Jenner now?
[Everyone laughs]