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George Sibley is getting healthier and Cotton finds himself torn between his loyalties to his father and Alden.

Alden receives a visit from Increase. Increase once wished he was his own son, but now he doesn't think he knows him anymore.

Mary and Increase discuss Alden. She worries that the townsfolk of Salem will not take his accusation lightly. Mary talks Increase into gathering the Selectmen to decide if Alden should stand trial.

Mercy is sleeping in the rotten dead bodies patch, her arms wound around a man there.

Anne and Hale discuss the mask. She simply wants the truth. Not the mask, but who and what her father is. She decides to go to Increase with what she knows if her father will not speak to her of it.

Cotton goes home and learns Increase came back to "make him a man." He won't stand next to his father to deliver the sermon about Alden. Alden is Cotton's only friend.

Increase once let a friend go free for his feelings and two years later that man slit the throats of two virgins in a satanic ritual.

Hale believes the votes of the Selectmen will go down to her vote. Hale almost abstains. Mrs. Sibley is prepared to vote on George's behalf when George enters the room, able to cast his own vote.

George casts his vote by spitting. The trial shall commence.

Mary goes to visit Alden. She reminds him that she warned him to leave Salem. She is there to apologize. If she had only had accepted his offer to go to New York. Mary suggests escape. He won't go. He won't run from his birthplace. He'd rather die here.

Anne makes good on her promise to share her knowledge with Increase. Hale interrupts.

Mercy's friends are being tortured. Mary finds her. Increase Mather must die and they are the ones to do it.

Mary asks Mercy to slice at her back. Soon she will understand why. Mercy grows her nails on command and slices.

Hale tells the tale of witnessing his parents' burning as witches with Anne. He admits to being a witch. She pulls from him and runs away.

Anne summons Isaac and drugs him to carry the message of Mercy to court.

Cotton interrupts Increase's ranting. He doesn't bring good tidings. Increases uses Cotton's drinking as a way to be proven wrong of what he says. Increase tosses Cotton to the ground outside the church.

Mr. and Mrs. Hale discuss what Anne might do. Mrs. thinks nothing will cause Anne speak ill of Hale. They agree that it's time for Anne to learn the rest of the story.

Isaac reports back to Increase. Increase shows Isaac his cilice. Then they go witch hunting.

Mercy is back in the stench pool, eating the rotten insides of corpses and making weapons of their ribs.

Cotton is having his drink and getting ready for his next when Anne comes in to apologize. They are children of complicated men. She wants to know all about witches.

Isaac takes Increase to the woods. Increase holds a blade to Isaac's throat. He wants to know who is working against him. Since Isaac knows nothing, there is nothing he can tell. Mercy runs up, giggling maniacally.

Cotton and Anne converse about witches. Anne suggests that Increase is wrong about his son. Cotton makes a pass at Anne, but is rebuked.

As Isaac and Increase walk through the woods, Mary does a spell. She squishes him with his own cilice. Mercy appears. Increase demands Mercy return with them to Salem to stand trial. I don't think so, she says, tossing a bone dagger at him. He tosses back a knife and hits her dead in the chest. Mary sees vines growing out of her wine glass. They in turn grow in the woods and grasp Increase by the ankles. Mercy stands up flat. She says it will take more than one knife to kill her. They being a knife fight.

When Mercy is badly wounded, she runs off. Increase calls upon Isaac to go after her. In Isaac's gut is the bone dagger. Increase pulls it out.

A servant shows up to Mary. Increase has called for her. She is stunned that her plan didn't work. Mary promises to keep Isaac from suffering any further, but Increase walks in. He suggests Increase absorbed the thoughts of someone else, someone who wants him dead. Increase also supposes that perhaps the truly guilty party will step forward to save Alden.

On her way home, Mary passes Alden. They nod to one another.

Cotton visits his father. He has decided to join him in the prosecution of Alden. Cotton shall defend him.

Hale catches Anne before bed. The power of the mask can only be accessed by the power of one kind. What kind? His kind. Anne is a witch.

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Salem Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Am I a witch? Yes. But does that make me any less of a loving father? No. Most certainly not.


Increase: Do you know why I came back to Salem?
Cotton: Lovely. More questions I can answer to your dissatisfaction.