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Increase attempts to get information from Tituba in the latest episode of Salem titled "House of Pain."

Increase does a new kind of self flagellation by tightening a spiked belt and pulling it tight around his abdomen. He is talking to God, apologizing for being wicked.

The acolytes dump the body of Emily's father, wishing Mercy was there, but she's always there, they say, as they see a spider casting a web.

Mary is looking for Mercy, who is hiding. Mercy says if she hadn't done anything it would be her in the house of pain. Mary said it was not up to her and grabs for Mercy, coming back with a spider.

Anne walks through her house. She finds a mask, hold it up and through the eyes she sees greenery. The mask clasps to her face and she disappears into a forest.

Mary is talking with Hale. He knows Tituba can withstand whatever she receives. Mary refuses to stand for her coming to harm.

Increase has changed the Divining Rod into his own place, a place of repentence.

Increase suggest that perhaps Mary should visit his "house of pain."

Inside, Increase shows both Tituba and Cotton his tools. Tongue ripper, skull crusher and many other devices. Increase proceeds to torture Tituba.

Hale's wife threatens him if he does not return Anne to her bed by nightfall.

Anne thinks it's but a dream. She pinches herself and screams to wake up. She turns and comes face to face with an Indian.

Happily, Alden is busily chopping wood again when Hale goes to et his help.

Cotton decides to drown himself. He says all the dramatic things one does before suicide and then cannot allow himself to die.

Tituba gives names of many townsfolk, but Increase knows she is not telling the truth. He has an opener that will open her flesh and her will to tell the real names.

Cotton is waxing poetic, drunk through the woods. He hears screams and thinks the devil has come to take him. He puts his arms out waiting, but then takes off his boot to fend off the evil. He sees a skull and a butterfly flys out. He is euphoric.

Tituba can still see the green of the jungle she came from and the whites of the faces who enslaved them. That's highly unlikely, but how she remembers it.

Cotton is pissing from the trees as Hale and Alden wandered underneath.

Hale brought Tituba and bought her. She ended up with the Wolcotts. She meets the Kanima is the dark woods. Increase is not impressed with her storytelling. He promises to put her eyes out if she does not give him names right now. Yet he almost feels sorry for her, so full of fortitude.

Alden takes control of the situation in the woods as he and Hale are surrounded by Indians. He speaks their language. They saw Anne but did not touch her. They thought she was crazy and therefore left her alone.

Increase asks if it's worth Tituba saving the person she loves for someone who has not come for her and given themselves up to save her. As he says it, she imagines the torture he put her through. Tituba gives Increase a name.

Anne is wandering through the dark woods. She is crying. It starts to rain and she laughs, saying, "It could be worse, it could be raining." Another voice says, "At last you've found your way home." It was the Kanima. As she runs screaming, she finds Alden's arms and then Hale's. Alden can't figure out how she got so far leaving such little trace. She keeps her father's secret.

Increase talks to Mary. He reveals that Tituba told him how Mercy started as a victim but was turned witch. He will have she and her girls before the morning. He was most surprised to learn that Alden was behind all of it..

Upon his return to Salem, Alden is arrested as Mary watches on in horror.

Once he's in a cell, Tituba smiles in genuine happiness.

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Salem Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

At best I consider you to be a weak and irresponsible woman. At worst, well, let us not even consider the worst.


If. Such a small word with such immense consequence. For all of us.