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Isaac grows closer to Increase, putting Isaac's loyalty to Mary in question. 

Mercy and her acolytes flex their growing power.

Increase lets go the girl's father who wants to sell her to the whorehouse. He goes to the witch's cell and finds her dead. He still hangs her in the square.

Mary breakfasts with Increase and he questions why she is thanking him when her own maid was there. He also tells her George is spelled.

Mary seems certain Increase will accuse her of being a witch, but he does not.

Alden finds Cotton in the graveyard, with Anne following behind. Anne apologizes for judging him prematurely without knowing the facts of his father.

Mercy wants to kill Increase for Mary, but Mary forbids it. They run into Mercy's father in the square and Mary makes it known that Mercy is hers.

Mary can actually crack a mirror by looking in it angrily.

Mary asks Isaac to please administer a tonic to George while he cares for him at Increase Mather's home.

Increase tells Isaac his story, Isaac the Fornicator, is known throughout the world. He has been chosen by God. He promises to take Isaac out to the world with him if he watches over George and alerts him at the first moment he awakens. George is being watched over by a talisman -- the burnt ash of a 200 year old witch that he burned himself.

Alden takes an interest in the orphans.

Tituba shows Mercy her familiar, a gift from the devil that will do her bidding. It's a giant tarantula. Mercy is captivated.

Mercy's "gang" grows.

Mary shows the two elders, literally toiling trouble in a cauldron in the forest, the malam. She delivers the malam to them saying it is the only tool on earth to control her. They think not.

Alden is showing a young, mute orphan how to chop wood, shirtless, and Mary happens by. She's eager to get George back.

Moments later Anne comes out of the house with fresh water.

Cotton is at the Divining Rod, which is closed. He picks up Glorianna's scarf and cries.

Increase tells Cotton that he never loved his mother, but when Cotton was born, a tangle of limbs, he learned what love was.

George needs to be alive in order to speak through him. If he's dead then she has no business to run and no Selectmen to influence.

Isaac delivers the tonic to George because he hates him. George sees Mary in his dreams because he's free of her familiar. In the dream Mary enters and pummels him over the head with an oar. She needs him sleeping like an angel in his dirty bibs and nappies. Increase is in the dream with them.

Tituba wants Mary to get rid of Mercy.

Anne goes to tell Emily Hopkins that her father is free. She's trying to keep her safe. Mercy tries to seduce her into staying but she doesn't have that power.

Increase catches Isaac giving George the tonic. He threatens Isaac until he learns Mary gave it to him.

Mercy and her acolytes are doing a levitation spell in the forest with Mercy as the subject. They send Tituba's familiar to sew a web on George's mouth.

Increase tries to reach George. 

Emily's father starts to beat her savagely. The girls show up in dressing gowns. They beat him dead, ripping him limb from limb.

Alden get the name of the orphan -- Steven. Anne is amazed and pleased.

Increase says another witch has been revealed. He calls on Mary. He asks if the tonic for pain would spin a golden web and seal George's mouth shut. When he doesn't believe her, she drinks it herself. They plan on searching the house to look for a spider. 

Mary outs Tituba as a witch. She held a spider to her neck and seemed to feed it. Tituba is charged with witchcraft. Mercy smiles and Mary has no idea what she has created.

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Salem Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Cotton: She was already dead and yet you hung her.
Increase: I said she would hang and hang she did.

The wine is from God. The drunkard is from the devil.