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Increase walks through Salem in disgust. Mary and Hale are not pleased with his presence. Mary assures Increase his words are inspirational. Increase asks about George. He will visit post haste.

Cotton and Glorianna are having happy sex. Increase is on his way through the common; on his way to the whorehouse. Cotton is still in Glorianna's bed when Increase walks bursts in. Cotton hides under the bed. Increase sees the bible and Glorianna says she is not alone, but with her Lord, whose words offer great comfort in the perilous times, especially for a woman like her.

Increase continues to search the whore house until he finds what he's looking for. Mary, Hale and Tituba realize someone was not careful, leaving her casting stones around.

Mary is worried that Increase will discover what it up with George. George is listening in to her conversation with Tituba.

Increase tracks down Cotton at the pub and is introduced to Alden. Alden tells him he can have no greater respect than for a man who has risked his life in battle, unlike his son. Increase forces his son to address his flock now, as a sinner. He hands him his bible with a knowing look.

Mary sends George to a convalescent hospital in Boston where he may receive the help he needs. She entrusts his care to Isaac. Alden is watching and he and Mary acknowledge each other.

Hale goes to the witch and suggests she offer a name to release herself from the agony of Hale's impending torture.

Anne asks Hale where he goes at night. Mother tells her not to ask, and he says that's nonsense. She followed Hale to find out what the sacrifices he makes are and why they so often happen in secret. He does not believe the woman is a witch.

The witch is being tortured by being drowned in a chair. Increase wants names. She continually says she knows no others. Increase explains to her how she will die with details about salt water going down her throat.

The witch names Glorianna and Cotton rushes from the crowd, telling his father that it's a mistake, Miss Embry is no witch. They argue in front of the crowd, Cotton respectfully telling Increase his life's work has been a mistake. Cotton begs for Glorianna to be spared and grabs at his father's lapels. Increase will no longer let Cotton act the fool. Is he sure it he who acts the fool, Cotton asks, only to be struck down as Glorianna is taken away, screaming Cotton's name.

Isaac hears George gagging and therefore loses control of the carriage. When George is fallen, he grabs a shard of wood and slices open his abdomen, grabing the toad, which hops away.

Increase asks if the whore is a special case. Cotton is certain that Glorianna will not have the Devil's marks and encourages an examination. Increase leaves that to Cotton.

Alden enters Mary's house and embraces her in a passionate kiss. Neither of them react as the other expects. Mary reminds him she is married, but Alden reminder her he is very sick. She assures him George will return very much alive because he would not do her the favor of dying.

Glorianna is tied up and Increase accompanies Cotton to an examination. Cotton finds no marks but Increase demans he raise her smock to reveal her bare buttocks, then her upper torso. Cotton wavers and Increase asks someone else to do it. Cotton removed their hands. Cotton unbotton's her frock and sees nothing. Increase wants to glance at her regardless. Increase doesn't care. He has every intention of sending her to trial knowing fully well how the Selectmen will vote.

Anne tells her family the witch panic is madness. Hale says it's regrettable. Anne thinks he secretly enjoys the hangings.

Alden wants to know why Cotton's father hates him. For what he is and what he is not, according to Cotton. Cotton realizes that Increase holds Alden in the highest regard and perhaps he could appeal on Glorianna's behalf. Alden is the closest to a friend he has found in Salem and begs him.

Isaac awakens and discovers George is gone. He calls out for him, locating him in the woods. He can speak and asks for Isaac's help. The Lord's miraculous workings. He asks Isaac to go to Salem and return for supplies and someone to administer him. Isaac asks if he remembers the day he marked him, the day he seared his flesh with the sign of the fornicator. George plays the walk away and I will die card. George claims to regret what he did. George will shower Isaac with gold instead of words if he helps him. He wants Increase and no mention of what has occurred to Mary.

Alden goes to Increase and he refuses to accept Alden's request before he even asks. He's going to kill Glorianna for bewitching his son.

Isaac goes to Alden for advice on George. Alden's advice is to do nothing and leave him to die.

Increase calls Salem to order. It has come to his attention that today was a ploy by the witches to lure and distract from the truly guilty. For her many other sins, Glorianna is banished to Salem. If she ever looks at Increase again for any reason or ever thinks to return to Salem, he will have her hanged. Cotton and Glorianna call to each other in lover's agony. Cotton kisses her and apologizes before she is immediately driven away.

Mary awakens to her toad by her bed. She and Tituba do a spell on the toad and it turns to into a bird that will lead Tituba to George.

Cotton goes to his bed and buries his head. Increase is in his room and assures Cotton that one day, as Governor, Cotton will trace his respect and station to this day, the day he removed temptation from his path.

Increase runs into Isaac and is astounded at his horsemanship having gone from Salem to Boston and back in one day. Increase gets the truth from a guilty Isaac.

It's a race between Tituba and her bird and Increase and his men on horseback to reach George first.

The witch being held eats a bean or something, froths at the mouth and dies.

The seer, Petrus, goes to George. He has medicine, so he says. He gives to George something that puts him under just before Isaac shows. Tituba is still there. Increase knows George is not ill, but has been spelled.

Anne goes to Alden to share with him why she agrees that her father is not what he seems.

Increase has George and Mary and Tituba fear George will wake within a day, lucid and eager to tell Increase everything.

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Salem Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

There are no words. Like a man who has seen the face of God. An awed silence is the appropriate response.


Hale: He's not supposed to be here. So why is he?
Mary: He came to see what his son had accomplished.
Hale: And why is he staying?
Mary: He saw what his son had accomplished.