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Neil must decide when he's offered an unusual proposition and Adriana learns more about Neil's home life. 

Grace meets Adriana under dubious circumstances and gets a job redesigning her house.

Neil isn't happy with the first attempt at the happy app.

The guy Anika met thinks he can make her song a pop sensation.

Neil meets with the couple with whom he was hoping to share a commonality. 

Dylan uses a photo of Grace for a campaign.

Annika is challenged by Matteo.

Adriana toys with Neil over the Gail and Doug thing.

Adriana shows up at Grace's when Neil is out with Gail.

Neil was fooled by Adriana for his date with Gail.

Anika makes sure Matteo knows he's appreciated.

Neil arrives home and snuggles with Grace, but when she wakes up, he's gone.

He's gone to Adriana's to ask about the night before. They end up having passionate sex.


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Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Not every Jane is your wife, Neil. In fact none of them are.


Build me something that isn't just a distraction.