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Quinn enters OPA as Scandal Season 4 Episode 20 begins and finds Jake, covered in blood, lying on the conference room table. She immediately begins looking for the person who did it. Huck enters after, and Quinn shoots up into the ceiling. Huck realizes Jake is still warm and not dead. He and Quinn begin calling all of their contacts but David tries to call 911.

Olivia stops him and says that doing that will alert her father that Jake isn't dead. Quinn calls Charlie who finds a doctor to treat Jake's injuries off the books while Huck runs off to protect Kim and Javi while the rest of the team waits for the doctor. Jake waits in agony.

Mellie goes on the campaign trail in her run for Senator of Virginia. Lizzie coaches her on what to say and how to say it. Sally Langston turns the public against her by tearing down Mellie's speech.

Quinn and Huck return just as the doctor arrives to treat Jake who is dying on the table. He needs surgeries. Before the doctor will save Jake's life, he needs a favor. Olivia must help a KGB assassin presumed dead carry out a mission. 

Huck and Olivia visit Black Sable and find she's not exactly what they were expecting. When the Soviet Union fell, she was left out of the loop. People stopped sending her orders. Until the day before. Now she needs help with a drop.

Mellie wants to go toe to toe with Sally but Lizzie warns her that will make her seem defensive. Fitz asks to hear what Abby has to say and Abby says the problem is that she seems too close to the President. Sally has also made it seem like there's a legal issue prohibiting her from running while she's married to the President.

David gets a call from Abby regarding the legality of Mellie's run for office. It's legal and Abby needs him to tell reporters so. The doctor needs blood in order to save Jake so Olivia sends her on a supply run.

Rowan Pope believes Jake is alive because he has not received a phone call from Olivia threatening white hot vengeance. He sends Russell to finish the job. 

Russell calls Olivia to see if she wants a booty call in order to try and track her. She's on the way to meet the butcher to barter for Mary Peterson's freedom. He refuses to accept her offer. 

Abby and Fitz brainstorm about how to turn the tide of public opinion regarding Mellie and decide sending Cyrus onto Sally's show is their best course of action. He goes on the show and spars with Sally but she calls him out on bitterness saying he believes he would make a better candidate for Senator. 

Huck and Olivia visit Russell in the hospital where he's been admitted for a gunshot wound given to him by Rowan Pope. Olivia smashes his phone while Huck drugs him and they take him out of the hospital believing the gunshot was attempted murder.

Olivia decides to use their danger to their advantage and by bargaining Mary Peterson's life for her father's. The doctor finishes Jake's surgery and leaves the room. Jake rolls his head over to see Russell staring back at him.

Russell gets up with plans to finish what he started and Jake pulls a tube out to alert the doctor and his friends. Russell overhears Olivia telling everyone else that Kostya has taken the job to kill Rowan.

Mellie's approval rating isn't up by much and Fitz' is falling after Cyrus' visit to Sally's talk show. Lizzie and Abby suggest leaking that the Grant marriage is over and has been for a while in order to dispel the issues about a possible conflict of interest. Mellie refuses.

Olivia gets a call from Fitz who asks if everything is okay. He begins talking about Mellie's campaign before asking where she is and if she's safe. She tells him to worry about his own Presidency and then advises they use the conflict of interest to their advantage. She goes on to spend the night sitting between Russell and Jake as they sleep.

Huck returns unable to find Kostya so Olivia goes to Mary's house to check on her. She finds Mary and her grandchildren dead and Kostya's body in her trunk. The phone rings and Rowan is on the other line. She calls off the case against B613 and they take Jake to the hospital.

Mellie continues making speeches on the campaign trail with Olivia's advice. Abby recognizes it but Cyrus still doesn't approve knowing that it will equal political suicide for Fitz.

Russell calls Rowan to report and gets word that the job has changed. They're moving forward with Foxtail.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Abby: So Mellie Grant's run for Senate is legal because of misogyny. In this instance misogyny is our friend. Is that what you're saying?
David: No. No, I'm saying something less controversial and something less likely to get me stoned to death by my feminist sisters.

Jake, come on, make some noise for me. Come on. Oh, they got you. We let them get you.