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Olivia remains missing on Scandal Season 4 Episode 11. Fitz contacts Jake Ballard and Cyrus Beene, along with members of the NSA and FBI in order to find Olivia. Andrew, however, has the Secret Service in his pocket, as well as White House staffers who are watching Fitz' every move to keep him from spending time searching for Olivia.

He goes to Cyrus and asks the chief of staff to assemble the joint chiefs first thing the following morning so they can continue discussing West Angola. 

Just as Fitz is about to tell Mellie that they're being watched, she tells him she started sleeping with Andrew but before she found out he was sleeping with Elizabeth North. She says she's happy with their partnership and its clear cut rules and Fitz angers her when he tells her to stop talking. 

Fitz calls Andrew and demands proof of Olivia's life before he will consider bombing Angola. Ian makes Olivia hold a newspaper and read a cue card statement showing she's still alive. She asks for water during the statement and concludes by stating there are only 48 hours until war must be declared on West Angola.

Elizabeth puts her daughter to bed and then encounters Huck who threatens to kill her daughter if she doesn't find out where Olivia is. Liz goes to Andrew and wants to know why he kidnapped Olivia. Andrew tells her it was to get her the war she asked for and tells her to get on board if she wants him to be the next President.

Tom Larsen petitions the President for a pardon. Fitz asks to see him so that Tom can ask for his pardon in person. Fitz has no plans to pardon Tom and Tom says both Jerry and himself are sacrifices which must make way for greatness. Fitz asks who within his detail he can trust and where he can speak privately and learns that he can trust no one. The only place he can speak privately is Olivia's apartment.

Fitz has Jake meet him at Olivia's apartment and hands over the jump drive containing Olivia's proof of life recording. Fitz asks Jake to find her.

Quinn and Huck watch the video and discover that Olivia held the water glass. She used it to send them a picture of Ian's face. 

In the cell, Ian tells Olivia he believes the President will go to war to save her because he loves her. When she points out that he's not the one in charge, he threatens to damage her before sending her back.

Huck continues analyzing the face in the bottom of the glass when an older woman walks into the office and asks to talk to the "black lady." Her name is Rose and she refuses to speak to anyone except Olivia.

Fitz has a meeting with the joint chiefs and tries to assess whether or not waiting for the country's dry season would be a better time to drop their bombs. Andrew speaks up and warns him that waiting has consequences which sets off alarm bells in Cyrus' head. 

Abby enters Cyrus' office while he's pacing and wants to know why Fitz is suddenly listening to Andrew. He realizes that he's out of Fitz' sphere of influence. 

When the facial recognition software fails to reveal the identity of the man in the glass, Jake and Huck both leave the office. Huck goes to Lizzie's house and she finds him in her daughter's room. Using his toolbox, he intimidates her into finding information about Olivia. 

At the White House, Fitz grows more paranoid knowing he can trust no one. Mellie finds him drinking on the balcony and asks him what's going on. Knowing they're being watched, he hugs her close and tells her that in 24 hours, he's going to kill Olivia Pope if he doesn't send troops into West Angola. She tells him that if he loves Olivia, he knows what he needs to do.

Fitz holds a press conference and announces that the United States will begin air strikes against West Angola while Olivia watches from the confines of her prison.

Fitz finds Andrew sitting behind his desk in the Oval and immediately demands Olivia be returned to him. Andrew tells him air strikes aren't a war and says he won't be returning Olivia until war is declared. 

Rose returns to OPA and needs help finding her friend Lois, Olivia's neighbor. Quinn, Jake, and Huck break in to Lois' apartment and find Olivia's ring under the rug. They use a router they find in Lois' apartment to track down Ian's identity. 

Cyrus visits Fitz in the Oval to confront him about the 31 servicemen and women who have already lost their lives in West Angola. Fitz slams a report into his hands and orders Cyrus back to his office to read the document. 

Olivia tells Ian she wants to die and he tells her they're in it for the next three years.

Elizabeth visits Mellie and says she had nothing to do with kidnapping Olivia. She reveals that she's been tortured for information about Olivia's whereabouts and they both know Andrew has no intentions of returning Olivia. Mellie goes to Andrew and reveals she knows he has Olivia. Andrew tries to convince Mellie that he loves her and wants her beside him in the Oval when he's President. 

While Abby vents to Cyrus about the nightly press conferences, he opens the report and finds a note from Fitz that simply says "they have Olivia." 

Olivia tries to work Ian like she works her clients. She tries to convince him to sell her to the highest bidder instead of being the highest-paid babysitter.

Cyrus and Fitz discuss the note and while they're talking, Mellie comes in and says she took care of everything. After sleeping with Andrew, Mellie stole the Vice President's cell phones and delivered them to Liz. She took the phones to OPA and using Ian's phone number, Huck is able to triangulate the position of the warehouse where she's being kept. 

Jake convinces David Rosen to call in a drug raid at the warehouse so they can go in with manpower in order to rescue her but they're too late. Ian has moved her prior to their arrival. He took Olivia up on her plan to sell herself to the highest bidder.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Olivia: It's not going to work. Using me as bait. He won't do it. Go to war. The President doesn't negotiate with terrorists.
Ian: Honestly, I don't care. I get paid either way. But for argument's sake, let's wager. One dollar. I bet you that he will go to war for you. One dollar says he does it. Because President or not he's just a man. A sad, terrified man who's lost his Olivia doll and wants her back. Call me a romantic, but I bet one dollar that he loves you, and that's what makes the world go round. Emotion, sex, jealousy, insecurities.

Tom: The face that launched a thousand ships.
Fitz: What?
Tom: Helen of Troy. Menelaus got her back but it took him 10 years of war. Will you launch a thousand ships to save Ms. Pope?