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As Scandal Season 5 Episode 5 begins, Cyrus is holed up in his house unshowered, in his pajamas, and eating brownies. He and his husband watch as the news announces that Fitz's relationship with Olivia will be investigated for impeachable offenses. David warns Fitz that he's up against a mountain and he cannot talk to Olivia about the case.

At OPA, Olivia puts her own tabloid covers on the window and realizes she needs outside help. Abby lends her Leo Bergen. He wants to spin Olivia and Fitz' story as a love story. Olivia says no, so they decide to spin her good deeds and philanthropy instead. Leo sends Quinn shopping because Olivia needs a makeover.

She also goes to Edison for help in changing the conversation, but first he wants her to admit she never loved him.

Fitz calls in Patty Snell as his attorney at David's suggestion and Patty goes immediately to work prepping him for what is sure to be an arduous process. Leo, meanwhile, is blindsided when the media gets wind of the story of the ring Fitz gave Olivia. He forces Olivia to change the plan.

Mellie visits Cyrus at home and finds him devouring brownies, still on his couch watching the news. She confesses to him that she leaked the story about the ring. He invites her to drink wine and eat brownies.

Two members of the Senate Judiciary Committee pull Marcus Walker into a limo and threaten him. He will either become their spy or they'll dox every member of his family.

Olivia visits Jake where she finds Elise in his apartment. Olivia can't sit down in front of reporters and sell a love story where she's ga-ga for Fitz. Jake advises her to tell her truth.

Marcus walks into OPA to find Quinn and Huck talking. They don't believe Leo's plan will work and decide to enact one of their own. 

Olivia sits down with a reporter. When asked if she regrets getting involved with the President, she says she wishes she'd never laid eyes on him and then falls on her sword. Fitz watches and turns off the tv before the interview is done.

Mellie and Cyrus watch the next morning's coverage and he accepts responsibility for being the one who introduced Fitz and Olivia and apologizes to Mellie.

Olivia gets back to her office and finds out that the Senate Judiciary Committee has the tape from her kidnapping. She goes to David because if they have the tape from the warehouse raid, everyone will go down. She hears what David has to say and then leaves David's office in a hurry. 

While Mellie and Cyrus continue drinking in his study, Cyrus gets a call from Fitz. At OPA, Jake brings Olivia dinner and tells Olivia that Elise is his wife. They laugh about both having a type.

Fitz and Cyrus have a heart to heart and Cyrus comes back to work for the White House and Fitzgerald Grant.

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Scandal Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Did someone give you a list of buzzwords when you took this job? Things to say so that you'd sound like you knew how to help run a country?

Patty [to Liz]

We're going to take what the public views as a cheap and tawdry affair between the President and his former communications director and we're going to spin it into the greatest love story ever told. Olivia and Fitz, a love like no other.