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With Mama Pope causing trouble, Quinn and Abby joined forces to take her down. 

Olivia and Fitz bickered over what to do with Mama Pope. Olivia went in the cell and went crazy when she learned that Mama Pope was not telling her the truth. 

Olivia even went as far strangling her mother, but Jake stopped her in her tracks. Olivia said the best move was to let her mother go free and she would lead everyone to the villains. 

Fitz vetoed this, but Olivia followed through with it. The two bickered, but they made up with sex on Fitz's final night in the White House. 

Luna Vargas said they should not have kids on the stage at the inauguration. 

The episode ended with Mama Pope's associate being arrested. 

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Scandal Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Quinn: Of course Olivia's mom is behind this.
Charlie: Makes my mom look like a saint.

Mellie. She's going to assassinate Mellie.