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Olivia and Fitz had sex while Marcus addressed the nation, saying the terror threat was over. 

Afterward, Olivia took on cases from Fitz, but Quinn was shocked at just how far way Olivia was from gladiating. 

When she took details on the case to Olivia, Olivia shut her down because a lack of evidence, but Quinn persisted and went to Fitz. 

He declined her request, until she started acting like Liv, screaming at him. 

Rowan met with Olivia and told her it was about time he moved on, and she did not want him to go. 

David showed up at Abby's with Mystery Woman's head, and said Jake was coming to take DNA. 

Jake wound up finding out her name was Gertrude and found a burner phone at her home, with a shocking text message that said Peus and Gertrude were not the ones in control. 

Fitz revealed that he would be going forward with a plan to help people with unfair trials get a second chance. 

Olivia then told Quinn she was testing her to see if she had what it took to take over from her. 

Just as Rowan was leaving, Olivia arrested him, before showing him that her mother was the one controlling Peus. 

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Scandal Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

He gives me a head, I take the head and I go.


Abby: David... is this, a human head?
David: Yes.
[Abby screams and drops the head]

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