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Quinn informed Olivia about a man who was taken against his will in their first case. Olivia had Jake check it out and learned that he was an American hero. 

She told Jake to have him saved. Instead, Jake said the man needed to die and turned to Mellie when Olivia refused the order. Mellie gave the kill order. 

But, Olivia had the ambassador's son at risk until he handed over the man to American soil. 

Mellie flipped out when she learned the truth and told Olivia who was boss, but Olivia revealed that that was far from the truth and that if they were going to make history, they needed to work together. 

Mellie agreed she wanted to be a monument and that Olivia should be the one to run things to get her to that point. 

Olivia tricked Cyrus to learn whether he would flake on her and Mellie, but she was shocked he actually stayed loyal to them. 

After bickering on a news show, Olivia goes on a date with the man and tells him how to meet her in her hotel room. 


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Scandal Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

Quinn: Let’s order from that vegan place on 13th.
Abby: Again? That place doesn’t serve food.

Jake: This gets easier.
Olivia: Killing a patriot?
Jake: Being command.