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Fitz shows up on Olivia’s doorstep to ask for her help finding hundreds of missing teenage girls. He believes their cases aren’t getting any attention because the girls are black. Olivia basically blows him off saying she really doesn’t have the time but she’ll look into it. 

Olivia ask QPA to take the case. 219 black girls have gone missing this year alone. The team picks one perfect candidate as their poster child to connect with the public: Zoey Adams. When they fail to get any media attention, Olivia points out that they should use Zoey’s mother, Nora, as their spokesperson. Fitz goes on Curtis’ TV show with Zoey’s mother, Nora.

Eventually Zoey is found, and Mellie and Olivia form a special federal task force to investigate missing people of color. 

Fitz thinks the case will be enough to pull Olivia away from B-613 but Rowan makes it clear that Fitz is her only weakness and that he needs to pull Olivia away from B-613

Presdient Mellie Grant prepares with President Rashad for the Nuclear Arms Summit between his country and Prime Minister Nazari. Nazari thinks that Rashad and Mellie are conspiring against him and there is obvious chemistry between Rashad and Mellie. 

Just when talks start heading in the right direction, there is a military coup in Bashran, and President Rashad is overthrown, thus ending the talks. Olivia says that Rashad needs to go back to his country since he is of no use to the USA, but Mellie won’t have it because he will be killed. 

Millie admits that she has feelings for Rashad, but she feels that if they can get him back in power, there is a better chance for peace in the region. Olivia eventually has her back. 

Jake tells Olivia that they could have known about the coup before it happened if he had more B-613 agents, but she’s been reluctant to expand. Jake also tells her that although Fitz had stuck to his agreement to keep out of Olivia’s business for the first 100 days, it was Rowan who went to visit Fitz.

Olivia confronts Rowan, taking his prized dinosaur to make sure she has his attention and knows that she is in control. 

Cyrus tells Fenton that he can’t accept his priceless Cezanne painting. Cyrus ends up playing a virtual reality game with him. Afterwards, Fenton flirts with and propositions Cyrus, who cuts the evening short and leaves. Cyrus later returns, telling Fenton he will pay him back for the painting by teaching him the ins and outs of politics. 


(A public service announcement at the end of the episodes directs anyone interested in helping missing children to go to www.missingkids.org)

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Scandal Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Olivia: I need you to look into Fitz. He's back, no warning. Shows up on my doorstep saying he's got some case he needs my help with.
Jake: And you think that's strange, a man who hasn't gone for three minutes, let alone three months, without wanting to see you?

Two hundred and nineteen missing girls is just an idea; people can ignore an idea. What we need is an individual, a poster girl, someone who can get the public's attention.