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The CIA needs Team Scorpion to identify a leak in their company who is giving classified information to Yemen. It turns out, the leak is simply a computer analyst named Leonard who is in love. He believes he is sending chemicals that will be used to create pesticide, so that the starving people of Yemen can grow crops. It's too bad that Leonard is being played. The chemicals can also create nerve gas.

Walter gets Leonard's girlfriend on the phone, and using a computer program, he manages to make it sound as if Leonard is on the phone and not Walter. After terrible attempt at flirting. Paige takes over. She then has to teach Walter how to flirt. Things get a little heated.

Walter, with a little help from Paige, manages to keep Fatima distracted. There's even a kiss. Too bad while they were on the couch, Fatima discovers that Walter has an earpiece. Fatima made a deal with the rest of Team Scorpion to bring the chemicals and Leonard to the plane.

Surprisingly, Fatima had actual feelings for Leonard. When he doesn't show, Fatima decides to shoot Cabe and to take Walter hostage with the plane taking off. Thankfully, Cabe slipped Walter some CIA tech which allowed him to un-cuff himself and jump off the plane.

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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Why does one of the world's top spy organizations need our help?


Playing charades with geniuses is never fun.