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Happy and Toby have a date, and Happy dressed for the occasion. Too bad Toby missed it due to a side effect of medication. Happy is attempting to restrain herself from murdering Toby, and Toby is trying everything to get her forgiveness.

The case of the week is to help safely transport Maya Hernandez, a witness going to testify against the DL. Team Scorpion is in charge of safely planning a route. Yeah, it doesn't go well. The bad guys seem to know exactly where they will be.

Now, Team Scorpion is left alone to protect Maya, who is 11 months pregnant. After ditching the government SUV, Team Scorpion trades down for a sad van that overheats. The bad guys catch up to them at a gas station. The overheating van just won't cut it anymore.

The plan is to con the hacker for the DL who happens to be in debt. Thanks to Maya's genius skill with visual and forensic mathematics, Walter is able to convince the hacker to give him an RV. Now we're off to the races, with only minor set backs involving Cabe hitting a rock, and Sylvester dropping his yogurt in the dash to the RV. A moment of silence for the yogurt, please.

Maya is still concerned that she will always be running for her life, and Walter comes up with a way to fix that. The LAPD needs Maya because she knows the books. She can recite them from memory, so might as well just create a fake book with all the real information in it. Then, there's no need for Maya to testify anymore.

Thankfully, the team is able to regain control of the RV after the hacker hacks into it and starts to drive them off a cliff. Cabe even came up with a way to catch the bad guys with a little help from local law enforcement. Now, all that's left is for Walter to go take a risk and tell Paige how he really feels. Too bad he's too late because Drew is already back in town.

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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

I don't have any feelings and even I'm uncomfortable watching this.


Sylvester: There is zero chance she is going to accept your apology.
Toby: I'm not going to apologize. I'm going to grovel.