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The team gets called in to help find some missing hikers. Cabe thinks that Walter's tracking technology that he used back in Baghdad could help find the hikers. Thanks to an instagram pictures, the team manages to figure out where they started. From there, they search for footprints.

Sadly for Sylvester, the next phase in the rescue is to get on a helicopter. He isn't a fan, and with a very good reason seeing as how their helicopter goes down. Now the team has to figure out how to get out of their helicopter, which is stuck in a tree, without their helicopter crashing to the ground. They get it done, but it is a close call.

Sylvester stays behind with the injured pilot, Marcus, to try to get the radio working while the rest of Team Scorpion heads out to find the hikers. Paige finds them with science - she heard them. Everything is going well, until a failed radio attempt creates sparks which end up starting a wildfire. 

Time to outrun or out-hide the fire. Sylvester and Marcus manage to survive in a pipe where the rest of the team and the hikers channel their inner Tarzan.

They made it to the rescue site, but they are surrounded by fire. Walter destroyed a man's proposal surprise and his engagement ring in order to send up green smoke, but thankfully Cabe saw it and goes to save them.

The question is: where is Sylvester? Marcus had told Sylvester to go on without him, but Sylvester had a different plan. He hoisted Marcus up over his shoulders and carried him to safety. Sylvester gets it done.

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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Walter: And how old are you?
Toby: Thirteen months older than you, so show your elder some respect.

Toby: If I win, dinner date. If you win, I do your laundry for a month.
Happy: You'd probably like that more than the dinner, perv.