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Cabe brings the team in on a case of escaped convicts. Once at the prison, the team realizes that it is actually only two escaped cons and one kidnapping. Two Russians kidnapped a hack-tivist named Percy Tate. They need him to do something.

A message left by Ralph's father Drew has Team Scorpion suspicious. They all have something to say about what Paige should do. She tells Walter not to look into Drew, but Toby volunteers to snoop on Walter's behalf.

The team manages to track Percy and the kidnappers, and they come up with a coded Amber Alert message that hopefully Percy will be able to decode.

Ralph's father resurfacing causes Walter to think back to when he first met Cabe. Young Walter learned a lot of important lessons from Cabe, including how to protect himself from bullies.

Toby's method of snooping is to run into Drew and pretend to be searching for Sprinkles, his lost teacup Chihuahua. Just as Toby is briefing Walter and Sylvester on what he found out, in walks Drew. He claims that all he wants is to see his son. Paige isn't too eager to allow Drew near Ralph again.

It turns out that Toby isn't too good at Morse code. He mixes out two letters, which results in the FBI going in the wrong spot. Once again, it is up to Team Scorpion to save the day. It doesn't go that well. However, Agent Gallo makes it there just in time.

Happy puts in her two cents about Ralph's situation, and while Paige takes Ralph to meet his dad, Happy goes to visit hers.

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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I don't like it when you're cocky.


I'm going to slap it like it owes me money.