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Ralph is spending more time with his father, but it may not be a good thing. After learning Ralph got a D-, Paige asks Walter to talk to Ralph.

A music blogger is found dead, and Team Scorpion is on the case. What's curious is that there is code written on a whiteboard by the body. The team figures out that the algorithm was written by Peyton Temple, a music prodigy.

Peyton shares with Walter a list of  songs that he believes were stolen from his hit writing program. While out confronting Lucky the King, who manages artists responsible for two songs on Peyton's list, someone plants an explosive in Team Scorpion's van.

After watching surveillance footage, the team learns a big security firm is behind the bombing of their car. Then, to add one to their list, the security firm grabs Peyton and electrocutes Walter.

Drew struggles to connect to Ralph at the baseball stadium. Walter manages to give him some tips on bonding with Ralph.

Team Scorpion tracks down Peyton. He is being held by a manager named Owen Sugar. Toby, Happy, and Walter break in to free Peyton, but in order to avoid being caught, Toby has to be the distraction. He sells himself as a wannabe artist, and it goes badly. Toby ends up being held over the side of a building.

Thanks to Happy's elevator skills, Toby and Walter make it out alive. The team celebrates by playing some baseball, oh and there's some math involved also.

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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

I just don't know if I can handle seeing a murder victim.


The truck was obviously not in my research.