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Walter is interviewed by a local news program at the garage. He decided that he didn't need to tell anyone about the interview, and then he barely mentions them during it. Surprisingly, Team Scorpion is not okay with this.

Sylvester broke the "I'm dating your sister" news to Walter, who is not shockingly upset about it. The team is in chaos.

A billionaire hires Team Scorpion to go to Mexico to rescue his daughter, Zoe, who was kidnapped by a cartel. The American government can't go down there because they are engaged in sensitive talks with Mexico. It only takes ten minutes for everything to go badly. Before Cabe arrives with the GPS tracking strips for the money, Team Scorpion is held up at gunpoint and the money is taken.

Zoe's father Richard received a video of her from the cartel, and thanks to Sylvester and Toby's bird expertise, they can track down where the video was filmed. Too bad it is all a trap rigged with mechanical guns.

Happy goes off on her own to hit the streets to try to figure out if she can learn anything about the cartel. She gets kidnapped by a tiny child. 

Toby devised a plan into getting the kid to take their money and IDs to the cartel. This time the GPS tracking strips are in place. Team Scorpion learns the location where Zoe is being held, and they have an hour to rescue her.

The plan to get Zoe is pretty great. It involves Sylvester's souvenir clock, Cabe being a distraction, Paige speaking Spanish, and Happy lowering Zoe down a building using only a bed sheet. It works, partially thanks  to the mechanical motion sensor gun.

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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

When I use my intelligence for the greater good, that's when I'm most fulfilled.


I have no time for regrets, and no time for secrets.