Scorpion Season 1 Episode 17 Review: Going South

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Oh tiny child, you made a grave mistake kidnapping Happy Quinn.

On Scorpion Season 1 Episode 17, the team is not in good shape. Walter decided to be a jerk again, big surprise. At least it wasn't intentional, but you would like to think that Walter would know better than to do an interview about Team Scorpion without any other members of Team Scorpion there. Walter will make progress, and then take two steps back.

This interview snafu proved to be absolutely hilarious because of the Team Scorpion sass. It could have been played off as awkward and just angry. There was definitely anger, but it was channeled into sass and snark instead, mainly on Toby and Happy's side.

Did anyone else love the sass?

Paige was just disappointed, but that never actually came up. Cabe made a comment about how the team needs to work together in order to pull this off. Here's the thing, the disharmony never really came across. Yeah, Happy ran off on her own, and Walter ignored Sylvester when he initially tried to bring up the bird connection.

Walter being set in his ways is nothing new. Neither is Toby constantly sassing Walter. The team was upset with Walter, but they still got the job done. They didn't need Cabe to command them to work together. There was not a big moment where everything went wrong prior to this that was because the team was mad at Walter.

Happy, don't question Walter. Didn't you see the interview? He's better than us.


Megan and Sylvester are the absolutely cutest. The scene at the end where Sylvester danced with her? It was too much to handle. Hopefully there will continue to be more of them. 

Walter's talk with Sylvester at the end was fantastic. He wasn't upset that his friend was dating his sister. Walter was concerned that Sylvester's delicate disposition wouldn't be able to handle it when Megan died. So at least Walter being a jerk came from a place of concern. 

One thing that would have been great would have been if Paige and Sylvester actually had a conversation about how Walter was freezing him out. There was a snippet where it seemed like Sylvester and Paige were having a talk about it when Sylvester was looking at the clock, but it did not get shown. This was the perfect opportunity to have Paige and Sylvester bond more and it never happened.

There was follow through on Sylvester sending Megan a Valentine, but there was no mention of the near kiss between Happy and Toby. They made big progress in the last episode, and yet it did not come up once in this one. There was no awkwardness nor more flirting than normal. Happy and Toby seemed like Happy and Toby.

Sylvester: I have to be in the car alone?
Toby: Would you rather be in the building with the gun toting drug dealers?

Case talk time! The case was alright. There were some logic flaws, though. Cabe willingly allowed Team Scorpion to carry in $2 million in cash into Mexico without his presence? He could have brought the money in whenever he arrived with the GPS tracking strips. Cabe knows the team's track record for things going wrong during a case. It just didn't seem like a very Cabe thing to do.

Also, it is unlikely that the mercenaries that Richard Elliot hired wouldn't even go into the city. Did he actually hire mercenaries? Sylvester was willing to go along on this mission, and he is afraid of water. It just didn't feel like a good enough explanation as to why the mercenaries weren't showing up. Did this seem weird to anyone else?

A highlight of the case was definitely Happy getting kidnapped by that kid. It was just a hilarious situation to have Happy be in, and then, it ended up being a great character moment for her. She kept believing in this kid when she had no reason to. 

What did you think of "Going South"? Remember you can watch Scorpion online anytime via TV Fanatic! Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

Going South Review

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When I use my intelligence for the greater good, that's when I'm most fulfilled.


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