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While Drew is in Portland, Walter will make his move by taking Paige out on Valentine's Day to talk about work things. Walter sure is suave.

Cabe brings in a case that involves some undercover work. Rockets have been stolen and are being transported on a cruise ship. Paige and Sylvester go undercover as a wealthy married couple with Cabe as their personal trainer and Walter as their valet. 

The plan is to install GPS in the rockets to find out who buys them, but when Cabe and Walter's cover gets blown, their next plan of action is to deactivate the rockets. Upstairs at lunch, Sylvester is barely passing as Chaz. Then, all the passengers are told to gather into one room. The Captain gets taken out as the arms dealer seizes control of the ship.

Meanwhile, Ralph comes home from school because he has the chills. Okay, fine, the chills were brought on by an ice pack in Ralph's backpack. See, Ralph wanted to give a girl a Valentine, but another boy gave her one first. Ah, young love.

Things have gone from bad to worse on the ship. In order to save Paige and Sylvester from being found out, Walter and Cabe have to give up the rockets. In a scuffle, the true identity of Christoff, the arms dealer, is revealed - it's the ship's captain.

He takes his rockets and a hostage. Paige is his first choice, but Walter volunteers to take her place. Thankfully, Sylvester is there to stop Christoff from getting away. He jumps onto the life raft. That's right, Sylvester who is afraid of boats and water, jumps onto a life raft as it is lowering down into the ocean.

Toby and Happy hook Ralph up with Valentine's day fireworks. Not only does Ralph make progress with Sloan, but there was almost a Toby and Happy kiss, until a teacher ruined everything.

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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

The cherry on top of the denial sundae.


Should I get the extinguisher? Because your pants are on fire, liar, liar.