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Team Scorpion has a new member - trainee Tim Armstrong. He manages to win over most of the team at the garage, but not Walter. This leads him to be suspicious of Tim when they are in Djibouti. 

Tim and Cabe had a secret mission, and when they are out doing some recon, they get made. Cabe tells Tim to head back to base to finish the mission. Tim walked in time to catch Team Scorpion snooping. After a testosterone match, the team manages to get to work on rescuing Cabe.

Tim briefs them on their new mission - making the 3D printer work with organic materials. Tim and Cabe were going to replace an antiquity with a forgery, which would shut down the criminal operation that currently is holding Cabe hostage.

Team Scorpion manages to replicate the bowl. Tim and Paige go undercover as the buyers, while Happy and Sly replace the bowl, and Toby and Walter free Cabe. Of course, there are problems - monkeys.

Okay guns are also an issue, but Sly is more concerned about the monkeys. They free Cabe, but Tim and Paige are made as frauds. During their daring escape, Tim covers Paige with his bulletproof jacket. He did that just in time too - Paige took a bullet. Thanks to the jacket, Paige was only bruised. 


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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Just dance, monkey!


Tim Armstrong: I'm excited to work with a team of geniuses. What are they like?
Cabe: They are unique.