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Walter ends up in the ER after a car accident. While he is waiting to be seen, he meets a girl named Olivia who is there for a heart transplant. They immediately connect.

Toby spots a man suffering from a rare virus. The patient was fine a few days ago until he had surgery that required a blood transfusion. Somehow, the blood banks have been tainted with blood containing this rare virus.

Now, all surgeries and transfusions are put on hold until the hospital can guarantee that the blood is safe to use. This means that Olivia's surgery is off, and neither Olivia nor the donor heart has much time.

Team Scorpion is on the clock. They manage to figure out that the blood bank software was hacked. The labels on the blood bags were changed, and Team Scorpion needs to find the magic algorithm to decode the labels.

Todd Wilcox was behind the blood tampering all so he could make a few bucks off his vaccines for the virus. Thanks to some profiling by Toby, the team figures out the algorithm. 

The donor heart is deteriorating faster than expected, so the doctor needs to start the surgery now. Team Scorpion has until 3 to get the blood, which means it's time to hijack a truck.

Team Scorpion gets the job done. Olivia is fine, and Walter takes a break from work to participate in the Scorpion Olympics.

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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Performance enhancing nut butters are not allowed.


Oh! In a stunning upset, Dr. Curtis steals the gold in a category Sly Dodd should have run away with.