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Team Scorpion's latest case is all too familiar to Sylvester. Colonel Ken Dodd, aka Sylvester's father, joins forces with Team Scorpion to track down a sun gun, something that he has been searching for since Sylvester was six.

Sadly, Toby has the flu so he's stuck back in the garage with Ralph. Everyone else, including Ken, is off to Africa. Lucky for Toby, Ralph seems to know all of Toby's favorite things. Happy may have given Ralph some instructions before leaving.

They manage to find the panels, proving the sun gun is real, and they send them off in a blimp. Unfortunately, the President has already learned how to mass produce the panels. Team Scorpion's only chance is for Walter to butter up the President and get some intelligence. Time to get your flattery on, Walter!

Ken doesn't trust Sly's calculations, so he keeps the panels. This betrayal comes out when Ken and Sly are trapped in a swimming pool. What better time to have a heart to heart? 

While Ken and Sly make breakthroughs in their relationship, Walter and Paige put on a duet to distract the President. Happy's charged with dancing and stealing a watch. Things get a little close, but Team Scorpion gets the job done.


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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Why do you smell like a martini bar in 1960?


You're about to enter a hornet's nest of insanity. I'm your bug repellent.