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NASA's got a case for Team Scorpion, courtesy of their old Homeland boss, Merrick. They need to ensure that an unmanned rocket doesn't have anything wrong with it. They was a concern because a sensor went off suggesting total system failure. Cabe, Happy, and Sylvester head off to NASA to fix the rocket.

Walter goes on a date with Linda, and it goes terribly. Too bad no one clued Walter in on that fact. Linda decides to stop by the garage to see Walter, but it's not good news - Linda has a bombed strapped to her chest and a flash drive carrying a message. The mysterious villain demands that Team Scorpion sabotage the launch or else.

While Walter, Toby, and Paige work on trying to deactivate the bomb, everyone else focuses on how to sabotage the launch. Happy, Cabe, and Sylvester get the job done, but there's one problem - the launch isn't unmanned. Now, the team has to save the lives of three astronauts by fixing the fuel issue they created. 

It turns out that the villain behind the bomb on Linda's chest is none other than Merrick. Team Scorpion saves the day, almost. Merrick dies. The launch is back on, safely, but the bomb is still going off. Walter gets inside a tank of goo with Linda to help ensure that she can protect herself from the blast. The bomb goes off, and Walter and Linda are safe!

He's still not getting that second date, though.

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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

You have a lovely smile. Your canines are particularly sharp.


Walter: Engaging the subject.
Toby: She's a woman not a subject.