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On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 6, Team Scorpion is preparing for their Halloween party, but Cabe has other ideas. Team Scorpion has been hired to help save the bats. Sly is less than thrilled. Bats are his nightmare.

The zoologists were supposed to meet Team Scorpion in the cavern, but they don't show. It turns out that Bryce and Jodie, the zoologists, were bitten by bats, and they now have rabies. Toby takes Bryce to get medical attention while Paige and Walter search for Jodie. Meanwhile, Happy is back at the garage watching Ralph. She is learning that babysitting a genius who is high on candy corn is harder than it seems. 

Sly is living out his nightmare, but he manages to survive his bat encounter, as does the rest of the team. Sure, they blew a hole in the cavern, and Sly got rabies, but all in all, it was a job well done. The bats are saved!

Walter and Happy prepare for their next visit with the INS agent by creating a photo album of Halloween costumes from various years. The INS agent seems to be buying the photo and Walter's story of what Halloween means from him (that he stole from Paige), until she realizes that in the Halloween photo dated 2014, you can see the reflection of the 2016 calendar. Oops.

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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Faking emotion is nearly impossible.


Today's mission? It's perilous. The adversary is our worst yet. A nuclear threat, an evil dictator? We wish. It's a pencil pushing bureaucrat, so guys take this seriously.