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On Scorpion Season 4 Episode 10, Team Scorpion ends up having to showcase Happy's newest invention early when Fire and Rescue calls for help clearing off collapsed boulders. Just when Paige, Happy, Walter, and Toby are about the leave because the Ranger stands them up, they witness a plane crash.

Team Scorpion rushes to crash site and helps Frank and his daughter Jessie. Frank says they gave the one parachute to his son Elijah, and so he needs Walter and Paige to help him go try to figure out where Elijah landed. Toby and Happy stay behind to tend to Jessie's injuries.

When Frank, Walter, and Paige locate where Elijah landed, they learn that Frank doesn't have a son. Elijah is three bags of drug money. Yup, Team Scorpion just got themselves into a hostage situation.

Paige and Walter manage to escape from Frank by jumping off a cliff, and Happy and Toby turn the tables on Jessie. In the end, Team Scorpion manages to outsmart the drug runners.

Meanwhile, Cabe and Sly are back at the garage preparing for Cabe's trial. Cabe learns that Walter and Sly built a supercomputer to track down Mark Collins, and the computer has a hit.

Sly and Cabe think they are on Collins' tail, when actually Collins is playing them. He framed Cabe for a bribe that Cabe never took. Collins got inside of Cabe's head, but he ended up helping Sly realize that the best way to try this case is with a benched trial aka no jury.




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Scorpion Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Walter: I even had to rewrite the jingle!
Toby: Oh please don't.
Walter: It's a meat tube, pretty sweet tube. It's a jump up and get on your feet tube. It's a Walter O'Brien Center Cut Meat Tube.
[awkward silence]
Walter: What do you think?
Toby: I think for a genius you sing about your wiener a lot.

Doc, your ass better be a size 12 because that's the size shoe I'm wearing!