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On Scorpion Season 4 Episode 11, Cabe and Sly are in trial, and since it's a non-public trial, so that means Team Scorpion has to suffer it out in the garage, watching the trial on hacked video feed. 

The team is unraveling waiting for the outcome. To make matters worse, Homeland is sending over a new handler in the event that Cabe doesn't come back from the trial. If the interview with the new handler doesn't go well, then Scorpion will lose their status as a government contractor. That would be the end of Scorpion.

Happy manages to stumble upon the police scanner, and Team Scorpion overhears an officer's plan to save a puppy that's trapped in a cistern. After commenting that the plan won't save the dog, they decide to just go save the puppy themselves.

Monty, the dog, is diabetic, and he hasn't eaten or had his insulin shot since last night, which puts Team Scorpion on a clock they weren't expecting. THey hit a couple roadblocks, and then figure out that they can, as Walter says, drown the dog to save the dog.

As crazy as it sounds, it works! Monty is okay.

Meanwhile, Sly "accidentally" stuns the judge while he's wearing the stun cuff, which doesn't go over well. The judge announces that he's thrown out all of Sly's defense, so it comes down to Cabe's testimony.

Cabe's testimony doesn't do the trick, but it does give Sly an idea. He gets a 15 minute continuance and calls up Toby and asks him to go to a local law library and snap a picture of a really old case.

With help from Florence and while evading arrest, Toby is able to get Sly the case law he needs, and Sly wins the case! Cabe is a free man!


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Scorpion Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

We're going to save that puppy!


I've got the hardest working lawyer, and I'm innocent, so I'll be back in the garage tonight, celebrating with you guys. But if something does happen, I've left each of you a gift on your desk. Don't open it until you know how the coin lands on this one.