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On Scorpion Season 4 Episode 19, Team Scorpion's latest mission takes them to the bayou where they have to release sterile mosquitos to avert a plague. It's too bad a gator eats the canister of mosquitos before Team Scorpion can release them.

Talk about a complication.

To make matters better (worse?), in an attempt to trank the gator, Walter ends up shooting Cabe in the ass. Nice aim, Walter.

Team Scorpion splits up. Toby takes the drunk-like Cabe to go get an antidote for the drug that's coursing through his system. Paige and Walter are in charge of locating the gator.

Meanwhile, Sly and Ralph learn that Patty got her first tardy. I know; it's shocking. Patty's not handling it well; it doesn't help matters that she only got the tardy because some mean girls slashed her bike tires.

Walter and Paige use puke weed to get the gator to puke up the canister. It works, but Paige gets knocked into the water trying to retrieve the canister. You know who else is in the water? Yup. Paige is about to get up close and personal with a gator.

Don't worry. All is well. Cabe gets the antidote. Paige doesn't end up being gator-food, and Patty gets the tardy removed from her record. 

There's one bad thing. After learning all about white lies from Paige, Walter tells her one when he says the lecture has been canceled, much to Paige's relief. So instead of going with Paige, Walter goes with Florence.

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Scorpion Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

Sly: Ralphie boy, I envy you. Look at you. Your age, spending your spring break saving the planet.
Ralph: No one parties like I do.

I love you that's why I can't lie to you. If I did, I would be denying you the opportunity to improve.