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Scorpion Season 4 Episode 21, Cabe, Sly, Paige, and Ralph are on a flight back to Hawaii when they learn that a cell phone has turned on in the cargo bay. They fear that it means there's a bomb.

Toby, Happy, and Walter are back in the garage. Toby and Happy head out to see an exact copy of the plane that the rest of Team Scorpion is on, and Walter stays in the garage.

Team Scorpion learns that it's not a bomb, it's a kid, Kenny, that has stowed away in the wheel well of the plane they're on.

First things first, Team Scorpion needs to wake Kenny up because he's currently unconscious due to the lack of oxygen and the cold temperature in the wheel well.

Once Team Scorpion wakes Kenny up, then the next task is getting him out of that wheel well. As with every Team Scorpion case, they hit a couple bumps in the road.

Paige ends up going into the wheel well with Kenny. She has to tether him to her and hold on while the wheel well opens, and, as Sly points out, Paige has a beyond slim chance of being able to hold on while the well opens. 

Paige manages to do it though; she hols on and saves Kenny's life.

Meanwhile, Quintis didn't get knocked up, and Happy has been living life a little too recklessly for Toby's liking. As for Waige, Walter debates whether or not he should come clean to Paige about going to the lecture with Florence.

In the end, he decides not to say anything, but Paige knows he's lying.

Ralph manages to muster up the courage to ask Patty out, but she turns him down due to the age difference.

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Scorpion Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

Toby: This is why I never lie.
Happy: You just did, right there.

Toby: Now that you're not pregnant, you are going buck wild doing all the things you couldn't do when you thought you were pregnant. You know the Amish have a word for this. It's called Rumspringa.
Happy: I'm not 18 sowing wild oats.