Scorpion Season 4 Episode 21 Review: Kenny and the Jet

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Paige is definitely the MVP of this case.

On Scorpion Season 4 Episode 21, Paige really stepped up to the plate, and not in her normal, "translate the world" kind of way. She was brave and did something next to impossible to save a kid's life.

It was so great for her to get a chance to shine, especially when Walter was miles away.

Whatever It Takes - Scorpion

What makes Paige great has nothing to do with Walter, so in a rocky time in their relationship (unbeknownst to Paige), it was refreshing to see Paige stand on her own and get things done without Walter jumping in the way.

We all know how Walter is. If there's a dangerous situation, he will throw himself into it, so no one else on the team has to take that risk.

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With him being all the way in the garage, he really couldn't do much of anything to stop Paige, and she didn't give anyone else a chance to either.

The million to none chance that she would be able to hold on while the wheel well opened was harped on a bit too much, but other than that, it was a great moment seeing her save Kenny's life. 

Scorpion Season 4 Episode 21 Paige and Ralph

What was also great was that we finally got to see Paige and Ralph have some mother-son time.

It seems like forever since we've focused on their relationship. There's nothing wrong with watching Ralph bond with various Team Scorpion members, but we had been favoring scenes with Ralph and his fellow geniuses over Ralph and his mom.

Paige and Ralph finally talking about Patty and having a bit of a disagreement helped hit the emotional elements of this case home. 

Like his mom, Ralph did a great job during this case. He ended up taking on some of Paige's role while she was off being a badass.

Ralph: You did all that for a boy you didn't even know.
Paige: Imagine what I'd do to protect you.

Ralph did an amazing job of comforting Kenny's dad. He may be a genius, but he has a fair bit of EQ in him, thanks to Paige. Do you agree that Ralph and Paige knocked it out of the park during this case?

As much as I love Sly and his constant worrying, it's nice that we only saw the useful side of his fear. 

Aside from the seat gripping at the beginning, Sly was not a bundle of nerves during the hour. He provided intel that helped the team with the mission.

Scorpion Season 4 Episode 21 Plane

Toby, on the other hand, was the worry wart of the hour, and it was amazing. He brought the comic relief during the case, and boy did we need it. 

Hopefully, Quintis will get knocked up soon. I just want those two wacky kids to be happy.

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Okay, let's tackle the romance woes of the hour.

Ralph finally mustered up the courage to ask Patty out, and she shot him down, in a super nice way though.

Sometimes I have to let you do things that will hurt. I can't always protect you, even though I want to.


It could have gone terribly, like plane crash terribly, but with all the relationship drama going on, we didn't need any major fights or drama happening between Patty and Ralph.

Plus, how could you not love Patty even more after watching the way she handled Ralph asking her out? She's got a good head on her shoulders and a great heart. 

It may be the end of Ralph crushing on Patty, but hopefully, we will continue to see Patty around the garage. Ralph could benefit from having a great friend like her, and it's nice to see him hanging around people closer to his age.

Scorpion Season 4 Episode 21 Waige Woes

Speaking of drama, Walter spent the entire hour debating whether or not to come clean to Paige. 

To say his actions were predictable would be an understatement.

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There's no longer any humor or entertainment in watching Walter try to decipher what someone wants him to do. He, like always, tried to get Paige to tell him what to do without cluing her in on the details.

Walter has a horrible tendency to treat his relationship with Paige like a science experiment whenever some new issue arises. It's going to be the death of Waige.

All you can do is have open, honest, communication and hope for the best.


What used to be a quirky habit of Walter's has turned into an annoyance, and it only highlights how little he's grown, EQ-wise.

It makes it seem like Walter's never going to learn his lesson when it comes to how to act in a relationship. If that's the case, then maybe he shouldn't be with Paige.

It looks like we're gearing up for a big showdown between Waige, Fly, and whatever Walter and Florence's ship name is on the finale. I'm not ready for the bullets to start flying. Are you?

What did you think of the episode? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Kenny and the Jet Review

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Scorpion Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

Toby: This is why I never lie.
Happy: You just did, right there.

Toby: Now that you're not pregnant, you are going buck wild doing all the things you couldn't do when you thought you were pregnant. You know the Amish have a word for this. It's called Rumspringa.
Happy: I'm not 18 sowing wild oats.