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On Scorpion Season 4 Episode 5, Scorpion has a booth at a tech conference, Tech-spolsion. While Cabe's chilling in a quiet tank, the place is held hostage by an anti-tech group. Walter and Paige are the only other Team Scorpion members inside.

They are taken into the auditorium with the other hostages, including Richard Elia. The anti-tech group has a problem with Richard Elia, and they order him to delete all personal information. It turns out, that is all a distraction.

The anti-tech group are actually bank robbers. They want to rob Richard's tech, Barnaby the Butler. It's a banking software, and they want money. Walter and his genius nemesis agree to hack the banking accounts.

The problem is, Richard lied when he said Barnaby was up and running. There's no money to steal.

Cabe and Toby call Sly, interrupting him while he's taking the bar. Thankfully, his proctor is pretty cool and allows him to help Team Scorpion and doesn't kick Sly out, forcing him to wait months before he can take the bar again.

After Toby and Happy rob a bank to get their server password, Sly is able to help Walter trick the kidnappers into believing they got the money.

Cabe saves the day, and all is well, except we will never get the image of Toby in his tighty whities out of our head. Oh, and Sly passed the bar!

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Scorpion Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Cabe: Now I've got a badge that says intern.
Happy: Now that you mention it, I could use a coffee.

Walter: Yes, she's my girlfriend. We've been intimate.
Paige: Unnecessary detail.