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On Scorpion Season 4 Episode 6, Team Scorpion is hired to star in the pilot of Ghost Grabbers to prove or disprove that ghosts exist. To do this, they will spend time on the Queen Mary, a ship that's apparently super haunted.

Walter refuses to be in the pilot, so he stays back at the garage to provide snarky commentary. It doesn't take long for Team Scorpion to prove that electromagnetic interference is causing the ship to appear haunted. However, then another problem arises.

The Queen Mary is part of a program that essentially allows ships to navigate themselves due to antennas on the ships. One ship is on a crash course with Malibu. The ship is carrying tons of toxic and explosive natural gas.

Happy manages to boost the Queen Mary's signal, allowing the off-course ship to change it's course, but there's a power surge that kills the antenna. Now, the ship is headed towards Longbeach, specifically an oil refinery. 

In the end, the team uses music to trick the off-course ship into thinking it is going to hit a wall. And Ghost Grabbers? The pilot spins the whole thing as if Team Scorpion believes in ghosts.

Meanwhile, Walter and Paige are struggling. Walter listens to a lecture instead of her friend's set. Paige, however, has been preparing for the lecture that Walter wants to attend, trying to learn it so she can enjoy the lecture. Walter gives Paige's friend's music another shot.


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Scorpion Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Walter: Paige, I was very clear. I can't defend my position as Top Five of the World's Smartest Men while running around on TV like Scooby Boo.
Cabe: Scooby who?
Walter: The animated great dane with the speech impediment.
Paige: Maybe you could watch an episode while we work because god forbid you do anything you don't want to do.
Toby: Ruh roh.

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Ralph, no one wants to die by pumpkin.