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Zayday and Grace go to an EZ Stop supermarket to stock up on snacks, discussing whether Pete could be the killer. Zayday brings up that her grandmother bought them Tasers. The two girls encounter a man wearing a Red Devil costume, who Grace tases in a panic. Though they think they caught a serial killer, it winds up just being a student in Zayday's political science course who was just shoplifting snacks.

Chanel and Chanel #5 go to the meat locker and notice Chanel #2's body is gone. #5 tells Chanel that she had a threesome with two Dollar Scholars, Roger and Dodger, and that she doesn't care about the murders anymore, commenting that, as Kappa president, it is Chanel's problem.

Grace and Zayday break into Chanel #2's room and notice a stain on the rug. Denise points out that Chanel #2 is probably dead, though Grace and Zayday mention the other Chanels told them that she'd gone back home to Bel-Air. They also mention that Chanel #2 is still posting on Instagram, showing Denise a picture of Chanel #2's body in an awkward position with sunglasses on. They all decide to go back to Bel-Air to see if she is there.

There is a Take Back the Night rally on campus. Students hold signs identifying themselves as not being members of KKT, in an effort to prevent being murdered by the KKT-targeting serial killer. Chad and Earl Grey discuss Boone's death, which was ruled a suicide.

They are interrupted by Chanel, who tries to reunite with Chad. She tries to ask that he not have sex with as many people. He calls her controlling and breaks up with her again due to the fact that she is responsible for the worst pledge class in KKT history, mentioning that he would be seeing their ugly faces while having sex with Chanel.

Chanel #3 struggles with lighting her rally light. Sam ("Predatory Lez") helps her light the candle and tries to make conversation with her. #3 asks if Sam is hitting on her. Sam tells #3 she was spying on her the other day and tries to ask #3 about #3's tattoo. #3 tells Sam not to ask too many questions about her.

Dean Munsch gives a speech at the rally about everyone coming together and telling each other how they feel about one another. She also introduces Coney, the new ice cream cone mascot replacing the Red Devil mascot. The students are nonplussed.

Grace, Zayday and Denise go to Bel-Air to visit Chanel #2's parents. Her parents tell them that #2 is an alcoholic and has been in and out of rehab. They do not appear concerned that she could be harmed. They also reveal that she was sleeping with Chad and that Chad had Thanksgiving dinner with them, having written #2 a "love letter" about it. #2's parents tell them that Zayday and Grace need to find #2 and make sure she never comes back.

Grace and Sam attend Intro to Film Analysis. The professor ends up being Grace's father. Grace and her dad have an argument in front of the whole class and Grace storms out. Wes shows the class The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and brings up points of analysis on the film, likening it to being traumatized and taking your anger out on the world. Gigi sneaks into the class and invites him on a neighborhood watch date. They plan to eat salad for dinner together, as a sort of introductory date. The Dean interrupts them, warmly greeting Wes and telling Gigi to meet her at her tennis court, because she has to talk to her about something.

Aaron Cohen, the kid in the Coney costume, wanders around campus, thinking to himself how happy he is not that he is the mascot and that he can get away with anything while wearing the mascot costume. He is intercepted by the Red Devil in his room, who kills Aaron with a chainsaw while Aaron is in the costume.

Hester sneaks into Chanel's closet. Chanel catches her. Chanel tells Hester about how "Uncle" Karl Lagerfeld restocks the closet every year. Hester comments that she always wanted to be a fashion girl, but that due to her neck brace (from having severe scoliosis) she wasn't able to be. Chanel decides to make Hester over so that she no longer has unattractive/uncool recruits and so that Chad will agree to get back together with her.

Dean Munsch and Gigi play tennis and discuss whipping KKT into shape. Munsch tells her that the two of them will move into Kappa House that night, and warns Gigi to stay away from "her man" (Wes), calling dibs on him.

#3 sneaks up on Sam in her room, vaguely hitting on her. She tells her that she'd like to be friends with her, "really good friends, like soul mates." #3 tells Sam that she has a dark secret that she could only tell her soul mate. She confesses that she is a Swenson, of the family who makes Swenson meals ("for poor people"). She clarifies that the actual secret is that she found out her real dad is actually not Mr. Swenson but Charles Manson, who her crazy mom hooked up with when she conjugally visited him in prison. #3 asks Sam to be  "alibi buddies" so she isn't accused of the next murder. Sam agrees.

Zayday and Grace tell everyone besides Chanel that Chanel #2 was secretly dating Chad. The other two Chanels casually mention that they were also dating Chad last year. Chanel interrupts, introducing a made-over Hester as Chanel #6. Chanel #5 freaks out about it and yells that Chanel doesn't deserve to be president.

Dean Munsch and Gigi interrupt to tell the girls that they are moving into Kappa House to keep an eye on them. All the girls react in horror.

Chad calls a meeting of the Dollar Scholars. He informs them that Boone was really gay (which they don't believe) but that he doesn't believe that Boone's death was a suicide and that Boone was actually murdered. Boone proposes that they take steroids, run around shouting the Red Devil's name, and wait for him to come out and fight them (which he calls "ghetto code").

Grace goes to Pete's room to talk to him. She apologizes for ignoring him and for thinking he was the serial killer. She tells Pete she thinks Chad Radwell is the killer. Pete expresses doubt that Chad had no motive. Grace suggests that maybe Chad is the dead 1995 Kappa girl's baby and is killing for revenge; she also brings up his love of knives. Pete tells Grace that all of the five names on the school's file on the 1995 Kappa party were dead ends (no records on them) except for Greenwell: she was a former Kappa sister who dropped out of school after the Kappa party. They leave to go find her, as Pete found out she was only six hours away.

Chad and the Dollar Scholars roam the streets in all-white outfits, being loud and trashing a red fire hydrant and a random red car with baseball bats. The Red Devil finally emerges with a chainsaw. They run to confront him, only to see that there are two Red Devils with chainsaws. One Red Devil knocks Chad unconscious, dismembers one of the other Dollar Scholars, and runs off.

Denise intercepts Zayday walking home and invites her into the car for a ride. She arrests Zayday and accuses her of being the murderer. Denise points out that Zayday was going to challenge Chanel for the Kappa presidency (providing a motive for murder), that Zayday bought a CD from the Best Buy where her dead friend Shondell worked, that there might be two murderers (meaning Zayday would be working with an accomplice), and that Zayday tweeted at Shonda Rimes (in reference to "How to Get Away With Murder") that a smart killer wanting to get away with murder would have an accomplice to be in cahoots with. Denise tells Zayday she also found a chainsaw under Zayday's bed. Zayday counters that her grandmother gave it to her for protection after her tasers were taken away, so Denise is finally persuaded of her innocence and agrees to let her go.

Gigi and Wes have a salad-eating date where Dean Munsch is the third wheel. Gigi plays it off like she is not bothered though Wes is obviously bothered by the Dean's intrusion.

Zayday practices grabbing her chainsaw quickly from under the bed for protection, before heading out to her philosophy class study group. Wes notices her leaving and asks where Grace is. Zayday tells him she doesn't know where Grace is. Wes panics and leaves to go locate Grace.

Wes calls Grace and she lies to him, saying she is actually at the library when really she is out looking for Greenwell with Pete.

Gigi and Dean Munsch head to bed in the same room, in two separate small beds. The Dean listens to loud whale distress calls as her "ambient noise" to help fall asleep, which disturbs Gigi. She asks the Dean to change the noise. The Dean cycles through the different equally obtrusive noises, before settling on "slasher movie" mode which succeeds in driving Gigi downstairs to go sleep on the couch (allowing the Dean to claim both beds).

Gigi heads downstairs, with the slasher movie music still playing in the background. She is awoken by the Red Devil coming after her with a chainsaw. Grace's dad, who was asleep in his car keeping watch right outside Kappa house, hears Gigi's screams and runs in to help her. The Red Devil slashes him in the arm right before Gigi incapacitates the Red Devil by knocking him over the couch. The Kappa girls run downstairs but are sent away by Gigi and Wes, who tell them to call the police from upstairs. When Wes and Gigi look, the murderer is gone and only the chainsaw is left behind.

The Dean runs downstairs asking what the commotion is about, and noting that the Kappa girls are all freaked out. Wes holds the chainsaw towards the Dean, telling her to stay back and saying that she is the killer.

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Denise Hemphill

Look, Chanel, I'm going to be honest with you. I'm sort of over this whole "serial murderer" thing that's going on right now. Last night, I had an amazing threesome with Roger and Dodger, and I realized that I'd rather focus my attention this semester on getting spit-roasted by hot golf frat twins than help you figure out who's murdering a bunch of dumb gashes!

Chanel #5