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Chanel delivers "Chanel-o-ween" presents to her less fortunate, frumpy Instagram fans and we see their video-taped exuberant reactions that they've posted online to various social media accounts at Chanel's urging.

The police go to the KKT house where the detective questions Dean Munsch, though he is socially familiar with her and quickly dismisses the suggestion that she's the killer. Wes and Gigi react angrily, saying she is clearly the killer. The Dean brushes off the accusations, saying it wasn't possible for her to have committed the crime and have gotten back upstairs that quickly. She tells Wes she'll forgive him for accusing her and tells him that she'll let him be her date to the faculty Halloween party, as Bo Peep and her sheep.

Denise Hemphill runs in and tells the group about the dismemberment of the Dollar Scholar frat guy. She reiterates that she is sure Zayday is the killer. The detective gets the call about the dismemberment. Denise vows to the spirit of Shondell that she will solve the murder by Halloween.

Grace and Pete, dressed in Halloween costumes as the two lead characters in How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days, go to talk to the 1995 Kappa girl. They knock at Mandy's trailer door. She immediately sees through their ruse and knows why they are there to talk to her about the night at Kappa house. Mandy tells them that the Kappa girl's death story was real.

We see a flashback in which Dean Munsch and Ms. Bean discuss what to do with the body of the dead girl. The Dean decides they must bury the body themselves. The Dean puts hoods over the Kappa girls, takes them to a deserted area, and then has them dig the grave. She tells them to drop out of school and not talk to one another again to avoid the truth getting out. She insists that she is protecting all of them by covering up the murder and that she's their guardian angel.

Mandy tells them that the other girls had varying fates, with one having a career on Fox news, one killing herself and another being institutionalized. She tells Grace and Pete that the dead Kappa pledge's baby was a girl. Grace insists that can't be true, and that the baby must be a boy, but Mandy insists that the child was female. Grace is horrified.

Earl Grey chats with Zayday about her bid for the Kappa house presidency, saying that he supports her. He tells her that the two of them represent the necessary change in the Kappa house, saying that the Greek system will be on its way out given the current state of affairs. He suggests she throw a fundraiser for a cause close to her heart as part of her campaign. She decides to throw one for eradicating sickle cell anemia.

The Kappa sisters carve jack-o-lanterns. Hester carves a Chad Radwell pumpkin. Zayday announces her intention to run for Kappa president. She stands up to Chanel, telling her that they all saw her kill Ms. Bean. Chanel tells Zayday she didn't kill Ms. Bean but if she were to kill anyone, she'd kill Zayday.

Chanel sits in her closet at 3 am, distraught and sharpening kitchen knives. Chanel #3 and #5 tell her that they're concerned about her mental health. Chanel bemoans the fact that a Kappa house president hasn't been dethroned by a freshman in 150 years. The Chanels brainstorm and come up with the idea to throw a competing fundraiser to combat "Black Hairy Tongue" disease.

Mandy sits alone in her trailer watching a horror movie and eating popcorn. There is a knock at her door. She goes outside, brandishing a baseball bat, but finds no one. She barricades the door and crouches, waiting. The Red Devil attacks and stabs Mandy.

Chad walks around the cemetery, talking to graves and preparing to masturbate on one of them. Hester sneaks up on him and tells him that she understands him better than anyone and that she's also turned on by dead bodies. Hester tells Chad that she wants everything that Chanel has. She tells Chad that Zayday will overthrow Chanel and that she (Hester) will be vice president. She also tells him that Zayday will have an accident and she'll wind up president. She tells him to cooperate and she'll call him to arrange a sexy scary rendezvous.

Wes' film class watches Children of the Corn. Wes again gushes about the film, saying that it is everyone's fear that the mistakes of their youth will haunt them and that their inner child has all the power.

After Wes dismisses the class, Grace confronts Wes about him not telling her anything about her mother. She asks whether it isn't overly convenient that any trace of her mother or her birth certificate was burned in the fire in which her mother supposedly died. She asks him whether she is the baby of the dead Kappa girl. He insists she is not. She tells him that if she finds out he's lied to her and that he is the killer seeking revenge for her mother's death, she'll never speak to him again.

As Grace storms away from the building, she gets a text from Pete telling her to meet at 53 Shady Lane. They see Zayday and Earl Grey there, who are scoping the place out as a location for the fundraiser. Denise interrupts to tell them that the house is haunted. Pete agrees. Pete and Denise both went to the library and researched the Hag of Shady Lane. The creepy old hag used to wail (supposedly about her dead children) and collected dolls from all over the neighborhood. This took place in 1995, the same year as the Kappa girl's death.

Denise pulls Zayday aside and tells her she suspects that the reason Zayday wants to have a haunted house party is so that she can kill more people with the party as a cover. She also tells Zayday that she knows Zayday skipped her philosophy class the night that Wes and Gigi were attacked. Zayday counters that Denise could be the killer herself: she found out that Denise also went to the university and had pledged Kappa.

We see a flashback of Denise being rejected from Kappa due to her race. Denise, in the present, admits that she then dropped out and went to community college instead. Zayday theorizes that Denise has it out for her because Denise sees Zayday, an African-American girl who was accepted to Kappa, as everything that Denise could have been. Denise backs off and leaves, wishing Zayday well with the party and her "murdering lots of folks" and warning that she has her eyes on her.

Chanel and the other Chanels pass out flyers telling people that someone will be murdered at Zayday's party. Chanel thanks the other Chanels for being there for her to take down Zayday and crush her spirit. The Chanels eat lunch -- cotton balls. Chanel finally gets fed up and decides they should go eat pizza instead of cotton balls.

The Chanels are accosted by two college guys who hit on them. Chanel gives him a speech about men degrading and objectifying women and telling women to smile, then beat the two guys to a pulp. They are cheered on by the rest of the students in the cafeteria.

Chad and Hester meet up to have sex, with each of them thinking the other texted them. They go to Zayday's haunted house to do the deed, which is mysteriously already set up for the party and consequently very spooky. Chad loses track of Hester in the house. She lures him to a room with an apparent wax replica of Ms. Bean's dead body. They both suddenly realize that the body is real and also see the body of Shondell. They freak out, screaming and running through the house to get out -- on the way out, they also encounter the corpses of Chanel #2, Aaron Cohen/Coney and Mandy.

Hester and Chad go to a coffee shop where they continue to freak out over what they've experienced. They try to warn the other people in the coffee shop not to go to the party, but everyone just gets excited when they hear there are real dead bodies and they all rush off to go to the haunted house.

Zayday, Grace, Pete and Earl Grey get to the house, which is already packed with people who are admiring the dead bodies. They try to kick everyone out but people are just excited to see the dead bodies, taking selfies with them. Zayday tries to call the cops and get them to come to the house. They brush off her concerns. Zayday then runs into the Red Devil and screams.

At Kappa house, everyone has gathered to discuss the corpses and Zayday's disappearance. Grace insists that they need to send out a search party to look for Zayday. Dean Munsch and the detective deny that the corpses have anything to do with the incidents on campus.

Grace tells Pete that she researched the wailing from the Hag on Shady Lane. She tells him that the incidents only started in 1995, and that a woman in black was spotted by people stealing diapers and milk. Grace theorizes that the woman had the Kappa baby to take care of -- whether it was stolen by her or given to her. Grace says that they need to figure out who the woman is in order to figure out what happened to the baby.

We then see, sitting on the porch of the haunted house, a black-robed woman who looks exactly like Gigi.

Scream Queens
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Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Weston, this has been a terrifying night and you're an overwhelmed single father who's back on the dating scene and clearly that's got you a little freaked out. I'm not going to hold any of this against you and I'm gonna let you be my date for the faculty Halloween party. We are going as Bo Peep and her sheep.

Dean Munsch

Halloween is the most important day of the year. It's the one day on the Gregorian calendar where you're allowed to go around terrifying children and not be branded a psychopath. I am a future network news anchor who's super classy and has almost no fat on her body. But a lot of my fans are, like, friendless dumpy coeds at this or that nursing school in one of this country's various national armpits. And Chanel-O-Ween is the one time a year where I can give these precious donkeys something to look forward to. They put down their Hot Pockets and bask in the warm glow of what it feels like to love me. Chanel-O-Ween is approaching so I went shopping with my comatose grandmother's credit card and bought presents. This severed hand is for Mallory. These razor apples- for Daisy!