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My Abscence as thename implies, focuses on an entire episode of Scrubs without J.D.  Maybe they're trying to prepare us for a possible Zach Braff-less Season 9.  Taking the helm this episode seems to be Elliot who remains on the phone with J.D.'s voice still narrating throughout the epiosde over speakerphone.  Elliot's main plotline is dealing with her attachment to J.D.  Elliot's patient, Peggy, was married for 50 years to one of Kelso's friends who recently passed away.  She quickly dies from pneumonia and Kelso explains to Elliot that after being so attached to someone, the body sometimes just gives up when the other spouce dies first.  He tries to get her to accept the idea of jumping in to a relationship and how she is that way with J.D.

Meeanwhile, Carla tells Turk they're having their second child!  Turk goes around telling everyone they're having a second kid and no one was as excited as they werre when he had his first.  Turk eventually lies to Ted's new girlfriend, the Gooch and say it's his first kid just to get someone to be excited.  She is but when she finds out he's lying... well let's just say you don't mess with the Gooch.  By the end we find out it's actually Turk that's not as excited about his second child as he was about his first and that's why he wants other people to be.

We're finally introduced to Sunny, the female intern who leads the Scrubs Interns webisodes, in an actual episode.  Sunny has a coma patient she's trying to keep alive in order for the victim's family to see him one last time.  Cox tells her to asks Carla, the one person who cares enough, to stay after and help her keep the coma patient alive.  Sunny does and Carla says no.  Cox is in disbelief and goes over to Carla's to tell her he's disappointed she stopped caring.  By the end, Cox apologizes for putting this burden on her and she ends up staying late to help with the coma patient the next night.

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Scrubs Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

Elliot: J.D. was sitting in that exact chair when we had our third kiss
Kelso: Oh that is very romantic, I will try not to drill any more farts into it

Elliot: Dr. Kelso, you do realize you don't work here anymore
Kelso: Look, her husband was an old friend of mine, plus I have forgotten more medicine than you two will ever know. [to Denise] I don't know you but I assume I have you beat because you're blond and rolling with ms reeks of beer
Elliot: It's my hair, okay?
Denise: And watch the lip, grandpa, because you wouldn't be the first old man I beat up
Kelso: I like her, she has girl balls