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When Turk and Elliot are alone in the night shift, they decide to scare the interns by telling them i'ts a full moon and the worst patients come out then.  Elliot spends the episode working with a patient that is suffering from major malnurishment.  She's losing hair, her fingernails, etc.  Elliot immediately jumps to anorexia, which the patient denies and is annoyed when she has to speak to a shrink for an hour.  It turns out the patient has HIV and when Elliot tells her it's obviously the worst news she'll ever hear in her life. 

After having to deliver this, she answers Turk's question whether she'll always be a doctor or not.  Elliot tells him that he'll probably always be a doctor because he finds such joy out of it and as a surgeon he gets to cure people.  As a medical doctor she just figures out what's wrong with people and can almost never cure it and the thing that sticks with her is their misery. If she didn't need the money or had a family to raise she'd walk away and never come back.  Wow.

Meanwhile, Turk's cocky surgical intern, Derek, manages to collapse a lady's lung and Turk has to step in and save her.  As a result of looking pathetic, Denise sees Derek was pathetic and sleeps with him.  God she's a weirdo.

The Todd, meanwhile, is the only other main character besides Turk and Elliot in the episode and he spends in getting angry at people for giving high fives without him.

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Scrubs Season 8 Episode 13 Quotes

I'm a doctor. We believe everything we see on the charts. That's why I write "Elliot has a killer tushie" on every one


Aww that's adorable, you have a crush on yourself. I'd be careful, the guy you're in love with is a douche

Denise [to Derek]