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Just three short days before his destination wedding in the Bahamas, the Janitor has Ted hand out invitations to his wedding to Lady.  J.D. is so touched that he received an invitation, he decides to gather up all the troops in the lunch room (excep the Todd) to go to the wedding.  Soon all the major cast, J.D., Elliot, Turk, Carla, Dr. Cox, Jordan, Kelso and Todd end up out in the Bahamas for the wedding.  The Janitor is extremely shocked to see them there.  It turns out he sent out 800 invitations just to get gifts and had no intention of even having a ceremony.  Now he's gonna have to have one.  Damn you J.D.  Now for each of the characters in the Bahamas:

At the beginning of the episode, Elliot told J.D. she loved him and how much she did.  When J.D. just responded with I Love You, Elliot spends the rest of the episode like a crazy head trying to make him make a grand gesture to show how much.  J.D.. is actually the more sane one in this fight.

Carla is obsessed with leaving Izzie behind for the first time and is constantly coming home to her.  While Jordan and Elliot show off their bodies in bikinis, she wears a mom bathing suit and shorts.

J.D. and Turk wear matching totems around their neck from a Brady Bunch episode.  Never saw the episode but apparently they're cursed and whenver bad things happen a noise played so the guys immitated it whenever bad stuff happened to them.  J.D. bought them off Greg Brady off ebay in a humorous cameo.

Jordan pretends like she's happy to spend the vacation alone with Cox while he works so he pretends to do work way longer than he has to.  Jordan admits she wants him to be done and he admits he's been done with work since the plane and wante do test her.

Ted still follows Kelso around like a little puppy, despite no longer working for him.  Kelso, meanwhile, spends the vacation at the bar drinking Bahama Mommas.

It turns out the Todd went to medical school on the Island they're staying at (figures) and we meet his mentor who gives the ultimate high fives.  The Todd attempt to strut in a banana hammock down the beach after Elliot, Jordan and Carla strutted hteir stuff.  Fortunately ABC does not show banana hammocks like NBC.

Stay tuned for par two of My Soul on Fire!

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Scrubs Season 8 Episode 14 Quotes

Jordan [to Todd]: Hey meat head, I got a present for you: I'm thinking about going bone fishing
Todd: I'm going bone fishing right now! And Ms. Sullivan, thanks so much for your setup

Jordan: What are you doing? The van to take us to the airport is downstairs.
Dr. Cox: It's called my job. It's that little thing I do 70 to 80 hours a week while you're eating, drinking, napping, spending, plucking, ignoring the children and singing rap tunes into a hairbrush.