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Lucy asks to shadow Denise, who initially refuses but decides to bring her along when her patient is looking for a hug.  When Denise breaks the news that her patient is going to die, her patient's child who she's been bonding with asks if he can call her after his mom dies for support.  A cold Denise, reminiscent of season eight character she was, says no and puts Lucy in charge of it.  Eventually, Lucy convinces Denise it's her patient and her job.  At the end of the episode Denise joins the kid as he's playing video games and hands him her number.  Very cute.

Meanwhile, J.D. is still jealous over Drew being Cox's #1 and even over Perry and Turk having some beers and watching sports together.  Soon, however, Drew gives up on a procedure in the middle of medical rounds and Cox loses all faith in the kid and wishes he could take back the time he wasted.  Eventually, J.D., reminiscent of the eight season character he should be still at this point, tells Cox to stop being himself and to believe in Drew.  He calls on him in class the next day and all is good again.

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Scrubs Season 9 Episode 3 Quotes

Normally I like to sleep in, but part of me is an early riser.


It's beautiful. Honestly, the nicest shirt I've ever received from a grown married man.