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With Elliot and Carla out of town, J.D. and Turk are ready for Broapalooza.  When they find out from Cox that Cole is throwing a med student party, they want in.  Speaking of Cole, he and his fellow students (including the hot Australian, Maya!), have to do final interviews with four patients before they can go to the party.  Denise is apparently making it a team building excercise and none of them can leave until they all do it.  However, Cole does his, and bails out before Lucy can complete hers in order to go to his party.

It's Ted's last day at Sacred Heart and Kelso wants to give him a proper sendoff, so he takes Ted and the Gooch out for drinks.  Cox tricks J.D. and Turk into thinking it's a cowboy and indians theme and they dress accordingly, but are unable to get into the party.  Luckily, Kelso ends up taking Ted there and gets our boys in.  Inside the party, J.D. and Turk realize how old they are when J.D. knocks out Turk while dancing and Cole declaares them the lamest people at the party.  Meanwhile, Ted gets annoyed at Kelso for just giving him a handshake goodbye.

Back at the hospital, Lucy, Drew and Maya walk in to Lucy's patient, Paul, who Lucy was unable to get to talk, to find out that Cole actually came back and got Paul to talk.  He claimed Denise made him, but we find out he did it out of his own choice.

The next day, Kelso gathers up the whole hospital staff to say goodbye to Ted.

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Scrubs Season 9 Episode 4 Quotes

Lucy: If you want to keep sleeping with me I expect you to have my back.
Turk: God, you have so many rules. Get back, listen to you when you talk, stay out of your purse. Damn girl, quit playing games.

Drew: Cole, I need the retractor.
Cole [eating a sandwich]: I'm using it right now.
Drew: Seriously?
Cole: Yeah, I don't like touching bread, it creeps me out.