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It's the end of the semester and the students must prepare a thank you speech to the families of their cadavers.  Lucy, as usual, takes it very serious while her group could care less.  She does a lot of research into Ben's life, but when she asks his son the day of the speech if there's anything he wants her to add, it's that he was a terrible father.  So instead of making it about Ben's life, she makes the speech about all he did after his life ended.

Turk, meanwhile, is jealous of Cox's relationship with Drew and is looking for a surgeon protege.  So when Cole decides he wants to become a surgeon after surgery saved his life from cancer, Turk gets stuck with the douche.  Although he tries to scare him off with tedious "surgery" tests, nothing seems to divert Cole from his goal.  After Cox brings up how little he wanted J.D. as his protege, Turk begrudingly accepts Cole as his protege.

At Denise and Drew's adjacent dorm rooms, supposed water damaged caused a giant hole, connecting their rooms.  Drew initially has problems with more-or-less living with Denise, who, meanwhile is ready to marry him.  By the end of the episode Drew accepts living with her, takes down the curtain wall between them, and realizes she actually made the hole herself with a sledge hammer.

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Scrubs Season 9 Episode 13 Quotes

Dr. Cox: The ceremony of thanks is quickly approaching.
Turk: That's where you publicly thank the fmilies of the cadavers you've been dissecting this semester.
Dr. Cox: It's actually a pretty sweet deal for them. After their loved ones are stripped for parts like a 1998 Mitsubishi Mirage, we treat them to some free cold cuts and a chance to hear you regurgitate some trite quotes about their family members sacrifice that you found on the Internet.

Lucy: They say that by the end of yoru first semester of med school, it's obvious what kind of doctor you'll become.
Cox: Him?
Turk: Who? Trang?
Cox: Small hands, great with the ladies? OB/GYN.
Turk: More like a shopping mall pretzel vendor.