My Porcelain God Picture
Watch Scrubs Season 3 Episode 13
"My Porcelain God"
Original Air Date:

Dr. Casey (Michael J. Fox) and J.D. discover that a toilet that the Janitor put on the roof. Dr. Kelso closes an entire wing of the hospital to save money.

Michael J. Fox on Scrubs
Watch Scrubs Season 3 Episode 12
"My Catalyst"
Original Air Date:

Dr. Kevin Casey (Michael J. Fox), a skilled surgeon who suffers from O.C.D., comes in and impresses everyone and imparts pearls of wisdom.

My Clean Break Picture
Watch Scrubs Season 3 Episode 11
"My Clean Break"
Original Air Date:

Nervous about Danni moving in, J.D. tries to break up with Danni, but she beats him to the punch when she's sick of playing second fiddle to Elliot; Dr. Cox realizes he's no longer scaring his residents; the Janitor flirts with Elliot.

My Rule of Thumb Picture
Watch Scrubs Season 3 Episode 10
"My Rule of Thumb"
Original Air Date:

Elliot and Carla get arrested trying to find a prostitute for their terminally ill patient; After Danni walks in on Cox and Jordan having sex she asks to stay at J.D.'s; Cox and Turk argue over a patient who needs a liver transplant.

My Dirty Secret Picture
Watch Scrubs Season 3 Episode 9
"My Dirty Secret"
Original Air Date:

Elliot admits she has a problem with the clinical terms for genitalia after accidentally giving a patient an orgasm, and Carla attempts to help her get over her fear of dirty words; Cox is moved by the relationship of his prostate cancer patient (Barry Bostwick) and his wife;

My Friend the Doctor Picture
Watch Scrubs Season 3 Episode 8
"My Friend the Doctor"
Original Air Date:

Dr. Cox injures his back trying to show off to Turk; J.D. is sick of the Janitor's lies until he discovers he played a policeman in the fugitive and therefore is just an actor.

My Fifteen Seconds Picture
Watch Scrubs Season 3 Episode 7
"My Fifteen Seconds"
Original Air Date:

J.D. and Danni (Tara Reid) hook up, making Cox tell her that J.D. already slept with her sister, Jordan; J.D. and Cox deal with an annoying patient, Jill Tracy (Nicole Sullivan).

J.D. Meets Danni
Watch Scrubs Season 3 Episode 6
"My Advice to You"
Original Air Date:

Marco (Freddy Rodriguez), Carla's brother comes to visit and pisses of Turk; Dr. Cox and Kelso disagree on patient care and J.D. ends up taking Kelso's advice; J.D. is interested in Danni (Tara Reid) until he finds out she's Jordan's sister.

My Brother, Where Art Thou? Picture
Watch Scrubs Season 3 Episode 5
"My Brother, Where Art Thou?"
Original Air Date:

J.D.'s brother, Dan (Tom Cavanagh) comes back to visit and blames Cox for turning J.D. cynical; Dr. Kelso catches Elliot and Carla moonlighting at an animal clinic after forbidding employees from taking other jobs.

My Lucky Night Picture
Watch Scrubs Season 3 Episode 4
"My Lucky Night"
Original Air Date:

J.D. distracts the Janitor and Troy with a riddle; Dr. Cox and Dr. Steadman (Matt Winston) compete for the same residency director job; Carla works with Turk when she covers for someone.

Scrubs Quotes

Turk: Dr. Wen, I want you to stay focused, okay? I want Dr. Wen to be Dr. Zen, man!
Dr. Wen: Christopher, after fifteen years and over ten thousand surgeries, I think I can do without the pep-talk.
Turk: Message received, sir... I believe in you.

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