My Porcelain God Picture
Watch Scrubs Season 3 Episode 13
"My Porcelain God"
Original Air Date:

Dr. Casey (Michael J. Fox) and J.D. discover that a toilet that the Janitor put on the roof. Dr. Kelso closes an entire wing of the hospital to save money.

Michael J. Fox on Scrubs
Watch Scrubs Season 3 Episode 12
"My Catalyst"
Original Air Date:

Dr. Kevin Casey (Michael J. Fox), a skilled surgeon who suffers from O.C.D., comes in and impresses everyone and imparts pearls of wisdom.

My Clean Break Picture
Watch Scrubs Season 3 Episode 11
"My Clean Break"
Original Air Date:

Nervous about Danni moving in, J.D. tries to break up with Danni, but she beats him to the punch when she's sick of playing second fiddle to Elliot; Dr. Cox realizes he's no longer scaring his residents; the Janitor flirts with Elliot.

My Rule of Thumb Picture
Watch Scrubs Season 3 Episode 10
"My Rule of Thumb"
Original Air Date:

Elliot and Carla get arrested trying to find a prostitute for their terminally ill patient; After Danni walks in on Cox and Jordan having sex she asks to stay at J.D.'s; Cox and Turk argue over a patient who needs a liver transplant.

My Dirty Secret Picture
Watch Scrubs Season 3 Episode 9
"My Dirty Secret"
Original Air Date:

Elliot admits she has a problem with the clinical terms for genitalia after accidentally giving a patient an orgasm, and Carla attempts to help her get over her fear of dirty words; Cox is moved by the relationship of his prostate cancer patient (Barry Bostwick) and his wife;

My Friend the Doctor Picture
Watch Scrubs Season 3 Episode 8
"My Friend the Doctor"
Original Air Date:

Dr. Cox injures his back trying to show off to Turk; J.D. is sick of the Janitor's lies until he discovers he played a policeman in the fugitive and therefore is just an actor.

My Fifteen Seconds Picture
Watch Scrubs Season 3 Episode 7
"My Fifteen Seconds"
Original Air Date:

J.D. and Danni (Tara Reid) hook up, making Cox tell her that J.D. already slept with her sister, Jordan; J.D. and Cox deal with an annoying patient, Jill Tracy (Nicole Sullivan).

J.D. Meets Danni
Watch Scrubs Season 3 Episode 6
"My Advice to You"
Original Air Date:

Marco (Freddy Rodriguez), Carla's brother comes to visit and pisses of Turk; Dr. Cox and Kelso disagree on patient care and J.D. ends up taking Kelso's advice; J.D. is interested in Danni (Tara Reid) until he finds out she's Jordan's sister.

My Brother, Where Art Thou? Picture
Watch Scrubs Season 3 Episode 5
"My Brother, Where Art Thou?"
Original Air Date:

J.D.'s brother, Dan (Tom Cavanagh) comes back to visit and blames Cox for turning J.D. cynical; Dr. Kelso catches Elliot and Carla moonlighting at an animal clinic after forbidding employees from taking other jobs.

My Lucky Night Picture
Watch Scrubs Season 3 Episode 4
"My Lucky Night"
Original Air Date:

J.D. distracts the Janitor and Troy with a riddle; Dr. Cox and Dr. Steadman (Matt Winston) compete for the same residency director job; Carla works with Turk when she covers for someone.

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Honestly, I haven't been this happy since Christmas when I was seven years old and my father showed me how to make a snow angel. Actually, he was passed out drunk in the yard... But I did take his arms and his legs and move them back and forth... And... the paramedics said it was one of the finest snow angels that they'd ever seen. So, maybe the fact that I am the kinder, gentler Cox is every last bit of okay. Maybe it's a... a natural progression. It's not like there's any real ramifications... right?

Dr. Cox