His Story Pic
Watch Scrubs Season 2 Episode 15
"His Story"
Original Air Date:

The episode is told from Cox's viewpoint as he discusses the hospital and Jordan in his therapy sessions with Dr. Gross (Eric Bogosian). Elliot meets Paul Flowers (Rick Schroder), who she likes until she finds out he's a nurse.

Turk and Kevin
Watch Scrubs Season 2 Episode 14
"My Brother, My Keeper"
Original Air Date:

Turk's brother, Kevin (D.L. Hughley) comes to visit with important news. Dr. Townshend (Dick van Dyke) runs into trouble with Kelso when J.D. screws up an out-dated procedure under Townshend's supervision.

My Philosophy Pic
Watch Scrubs Season 2 Episode 13
"My Philosophy"
Original Air Date:

Kelso is trying to consider ways to make a bigger office, but Elliot demands single sex locker rooms. Turk proposes to Carla, but not in the way he planned.

My New Old Friend Pic
Watch Scrubs Season 2 Episode 12
"My New Old Friend"
Original Air Date:

J.D.'s feelings for Elliot continue to grow even after they stop being sex buddies. J.D. tries to see Lisa (Sarah Lancaster) again.

My Sex Buddy Pic
Watch Scrubs Season 2 Episode 11
"My Sex Buddy"
Original Air Date:

Trying to avoid their last disastrous relationship, J.D. and Elliot try and be "sex buddies." Turk tries to help Elliot with her workload.

Sarah Lancaster on Scrubs
Watch Scrubs Season 2 Episode 10
"My Monster"
Original Air Date:

Both Turk / Carla and Cox / Jordan have problems as their hospital consumes their lives. J.D., meanwhile, feels the hospital is also killing his mojo.

J.D. and David Copperfield
Watch Scrubs Season 2 Episode 9
"My Lucky Day"
Original Air Date:

Elliot is forced to move out and deal with a malpractice suit. J.D. shows up Cox and an unofficial competition is born.

My Fruit Cups Pic
Watch Scrubs Season 2 Episode 8
"My Fruit Cups"
Original Air Date:

Dr. Cox and Julie (Heather Locklear) hook up, but Cox's happiness is cut short by the arrival of a pregnant Jordan. J.D. and Turk have financial problems and steal from the hospital.

Heather Locklear on Scrubs
Watch Scrubs Season 2 Episode 7
"My First Step"
Original Air Date:

An attractive pharmaceutical rep, Julie Keaton (Heather Locklear), arrives at Sacred Heart and tension mounts between her and Cox.

My Big Brother Pic
Watch Scrubs Season 2 Episode 6
"My Big Brother"
Original Air Date:

J.D.'s older brother, Dan (Tom Cavanagh) comes by to visit but J.D. is embarrassed by him. Turk learns a lesson when he bets on a patient's life with Cox.

Scrubs Quotes

Turk: Dr. Wen, I want you to stay focused, okay? I want Dr. Wen to be Dr. Zen, man!
Dr. Wen: Christopher, after fifteen years and over ten thousand surgeries, I think I can do without the pep-talk.
Turk: Message received, sir... I believe in you.

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