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Ray takes stock of his environment. He makes an escape attempt so that he can steal a cell phone. Bravo knows that Ray is on a ship in the Mediterranean. Davis determines the container ship he is on and it's heading to Syria. Ray has no cell service. He records a farewell video instead. Bravo readies for a maritime assault. But the boat suddenly heads to port so they lose their shot. Ray gets hooded and is taken ashore. Ray gets his hands free and makes a call from the trunk. When he's hauled out of the car, Ray drops the phone to mark his location. Bravo readies a rescue mission into the Syrian war zone. The terrorist leader has determined Ray is military. Ray gets put in stocks. He tries to negotiate with the soldiers in their own language. Ray loses a fingernail. The leader wants Ray to read a statement. Ray's thigh gets drilled. While Bravo attacks the warehouse, Ray loosens the stocks and chokes his guard dead with them. Bravo locates him. Ray takes the guard's shoes for his escape. Ray grabs a gun as well. Ray collapses so Sonny carries him. The team steals a station wagon. But there's terrorist vehicles on their tail. They successfully make it to their exfil site. Jason thanks Davis for her intel. Jason and Clay ponder what they'll be doing next. Sonny apologizes for Ray for his harsh words. Jason tells Ray this was his last dance. Ray's family is there to meet him back at the base. Lindell reinstates Clay to Bravo. Then Clay texts Stella. Jason goes to return Ray's watch then has second thoughts. 

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SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

We're going to march straight through Hell and pull him out. That's what we're going to do.


Blackburn: You're supposed to be resting.
Jason: Thanks, Dad, for the reminder. I'll sleep after we rescue Ray.