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Ray has a nightmare about his fellow prisoner who was killed. As Bravo rep to the Keating, Sonny fails to book time for the team to go topside for fresh air after showing up late for the meeting. Soto makes Clay rep instead. Jason tells Ray that as leader, Jason has to be more aware of his teammates. Ray discourages him from taking on everyone's problems. Bravo is tasked with bringing a defecting Boko Haram lieutenant into U.S. custody. They have to pull off the op in daytime. Sonny tells Clay that he was late because Hannah emailed about a problem with the baby. Davis asks Mina if Alex was sexually harassing her. Bravo finds out the lieutenant was attacked and left for dead and heads to a hospital. The doctor informs Jason that he can't be moved for at least an hour so Bravo stays to protect him. Sonny rolls in with a disguised weapons case. The staff figures out who the patient is and nearly revolts but Clay and Jason talk them down. Ray blows up at a female doctor seemingly out of nowhere and Jason notices. Boko Haram soldiers infiltrate the hospital. Bravo is protecting the O.R. where the lieutenant is. Another dozen come in and Bravo cuts them down. The doctor chooses to help the six injured innocents rather than the lieutenant and he dies on the table. Soto orders Bravo back but Jason has the team stay at the hospital. They set out the dead lieutenant and Boko Haram takes the body and leaves. Soto and Jason clash. Davis talks to Alex about his behavior. Sonny talks to Jason about his concerns about his unborn child. Soto approaches Clay about taking more of a leadership role. Jason pushes Ray about his behavior lately. 

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SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Maybe I should just give up the fight.

Sonny [to Clay]

It seems like every Bravo problem lately has become my problem, our problem.

Clay [to Stella]