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The terrorists holding Ray stream a video with a knife held to his neck. Jason tells Davis to trust her gut. She wants Bravo to investigate a smoke shop connected to the terrorists, even though the team except for Jason balks at the idea. The terrorists throw a hysterical prisoner in with Ray. Bravo grabs suspects at the smoke shop and begin to interrogate them. The new prisoner tries to get Ray to talk. His captors tape Ray's hands then torture him. Ray's watch is among the items Bravo finds at the smoke shop. Ray uses his shirt to dress his wounded hand and tells his cellmate, a democratic organizer, what to expect from their captors. Ray encourages him to stay strong for his family. Blackburn and Davis urge Jason to go after the leader of the terrorists who took Ray instead of worrying about Ray's watch. Ray works a piece of metal free to saw at his zip ties. Jason determines which of the men they detained is in charge. It's Nasri, the smuggler who Jason and Clay interrogate. Another video is streamed with Ray and his cellmate having knives to their necks. Ray convinces his cellmate escape is possible. Jason proposes torture to get intel out of their prisoners before they get turned over to the Tunisians. Clay tries to talk Jason down but Sonny agrees to go along with him. Clay tries to get another man to save Nasri from being tortured by Jason. Clay gets him angered and he blurts out to where Ray had been transferred. Ray's cellmate gets his throat slit. Jason was bluffing, just tearing up the office to frighten Nasri. Jason congratulates Clay for getting the intel. Ray figures out he is being held on a ship.

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SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Clay: Sonny, carrot before stick.
Sonny: This job is turning you into a real pacifist, Mahatma Gandhi.

Ray's out there somewhere and he needs us. We're going to go out and find our brother and bring him home ... alive.