Seinfeld Season 4

"The Pilot: Part 2"

Jerry and George begin taping Jerry and everyone gives advice to their screen alter egos. The pilot doesn't get picked up, and Jerry thinks it's because Elaine dumped Russell.

"The Pilot: Part 1"

George and Jerry begin casting for the pilot.

"The Handicap Spot"

George parks his dad's car in a handicap spot, causing a handicap woman to injure herself and an angry mob to destroy the car.

"The Smelly Car"

A smelly valet stinks up Jerry's car; George believes he turned Susan into a lesbian.

"The Junior Mint"

Jerry cannot remember the name of his girl, but knows it rhymes with a female body part; Kramer watches a surgery and drops a Junior Mint into the body.

"The Implant"

Jerry and Elaine try to figure out if Jerry's new girlfriend, Sidra (Teri Hatcher) has fake boobs.

"The Old Man"

George, Jerry and Elaine volunteer to spend time with senior citizens and all three have a bad time.

"The Outing"

After a college newspaper mistakenly outs George and Jerry as a couple, they spend the episode living a life where everyone but Elaine thinks they're gay.

"The Shoes"

George and Jerry's television pilot gets canceled after they look at an NBC executive's daughter's cleavage; Elaine tries top stop Jerry's ex-girlfriend to stop talking to everyone about their new shoes.

"The Visa"

Jerry attempts to keep Babu from being deported; Elaine tries to get George's attorney girlfriend to drop a suit against her.

"The Movie"

The Seinfeld gang tries to catch a movie together but they keep missing each other.

"The Pick"

Jerry's new girlfriend thinks she saw him picking his nose; Elaine mails a Christmas card that shows some nip; George tries to get Susan back.

"The Airport"

Jerry and Elaine experience the major differences between flying first class and coach; George and Kramer travel to two different airports after their flight is rerouted.

"The Contest"

After George is caught masturbating by his mother, the gang sets up a contest to see who can go the longest without masturbating.

"The Virgin"

Jery discovers he's dating a virgi, Marlan (Jane Leeves); Kramer harasses Jerry and George when they try to write their script.

"The Opera"

Elaine realizes her boyfriend is actually Crazy Joe Davola. Jerry ends up stuck at the Opera.

"The Cheever Letters"

Jerry offends Elain's assistant; Kramer finds a guy for Cuban cigars; All Susan wants from her family's burnt down cabin is John Cheever's letters.

"The Bubble Boy"

Jerry agrees to visit a boy living in a bubble on his way to Susan's parents' cabin, but gets lost.

"The Watch"

Jerry tries to buy his watch back from Uncle Leo, who picked it up from the trash; George tries to get back the NBC pilot.

"The Wallet"

Jerry has to explain to his parents why he never wears the watch they gave him; Morty thinks his wallet was stolen at the doctor's office.

The Ticket Picture
"The Ticket"

Newman uses Kramer as a witness in his attempt to get out of a speed ticket.

"The Pitch"

NBC executives ask Jerry to write a pilot for a sitcom; Joe Davola starts stalking Jerry and Kramer.

"The Trip: Part 2"

Kramer is mistaken for a serial killer and arrested and ends up joining the guys on the way back to New York.

"The Trip: Part 1"

When Jerry is asked to do The Tonight Show in LA, George joins him as they go to search for Kramer.

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Seinfeld Season 4 Quotes

(before going through a metal detector) I've always been a little nervous about these things. I'm afraid I'm going to step through into another dimension.


(to Fred Savage) I'm not crazy. I may look weird, but I'm just like you I'm just a regular guy.