Seinfeld Season 3

"The Keys"

Jerry takes back his spare keys from Kramer, sending him on an adventure to California to pursue being an actor. Meanwhile, Jerry gives his spare keys to Elaine.

"The Parking Space"

George goes to Jerry's to watch a big fight, and spends too much time positioning himself to park and someone takes the spot.

"The Letter"

Kramer poses for for a portrait, "The Kramer" by Jerry's girlfriend, Nina. Elaine wears an Orioles cap to Yankee stadium and refuses to remove it.

"The Good Samaritan"

Jerry witnesses a hit-and-run and when he goes to do something about it, he realizes it's a beautiful woman and dates her instead.

"The Limo"

Jerry and George pretend to be some guy named O'Brian and steal his limouside, only to find out he was a Neo-Nazi set to give a speech.

Keith Hernandez on Seinfeld
"The Boyfriend: Part 2"

Elaine and Keith hit it off, until he pulls out a cigarette; Kramer gets Jerry to come with him to see the neighbors' new baby.

"The Boyfriend: Part 1"

Jerry tries to make a good impression with Keith Hernandez, Meanwhile, George tries to extend his unemployment.

"The Fix-Up"

Jerry and Elaine set George up with Elaine's friend, Cynthia. They hit it off, but it turns out Kramer gave George a defective condom.

"The Suicide"

After Jerry's neighbor attempts suicide, his girlfriend his on Jerry; Elaine fasts for an X-Ray and ends up hallucinating.

"The Pez Dispenser"

Kramer joins the Polar Bear Club; Jerry takes one of Kramer's Pez dispensers that makes Elaine laugh during a piano recital, causing trouble for George's relationship.

"The Subway"

The gang all has their own unique experiences on the Subway.

"The Red Dot"

Elaine gets George a job and he repays her by getting her a discounted cashmere sweater with a red dot on it. She spots the dot and rejects it.

"The Alternate Side"

Jerry's car is stolen and the thief answers his car phone; George gets a job moving parked cars.

"The Stranded"

When George abandons Elaine and Jerry at a party, they stay at the hosts' place late and Jerry offers to return the favor.

"The Nose Job"

George is convinced his girlfriend is perfect except for her nose, but it's Kramer that ends up telling her to get rhinoplasty.

"The Tape"

George gets excited about a new Chinese cure for baldness; Jerry discovers a mysterious woman talking dirty into his show tape recording.

"The Cafe"

Jerry gives advice to an unsuccessful cafe; George's girlfriend wants him to take an IQ test and he makes Elaine take it for him.

"The Parking Garage"

The gang can't find their car in a parking garage and end up on an adventure while just trying to buy an air conditioner for Kramer.

"The Library"

Jerry is investigated for not returning a book from 1971 and Kramer ends up dating the librarian.

"The Dog"

Jerry agrees to dogsit for a fellow passenger and ends up stuck in his apartment when it turns out to be disobedient.

"The Pen"

Jerry and Elain go to visit his parents in Florida and soon regret it when Elaine gets back problems from the fold-out couch and Jerry accidentally compliments Jack's pen.

"The Truth"

When George breaks up with his girlfriend, who was Jerry's accountant, things don't get well for Jerry when he gets audited.

"The Note"

Jerry and George's free massages don't go as planned when Jerry's masseusse thinks he's crazy and George ends up getting a male masseur.

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Seinfeld Season 3 Quotes

George: A man gave me a massage.
Jerry: So?
George: So he had his hands and, uh, he was
Jerry: He was what?
George: He was touching and rubbing.

Raymond: (massaging George's hamstring) How did you do this?
George: (VERY tense) Do what?
Raymond: How did you hurt your hamstring?
George: (quickly) I dunno
Raymond: You don't know?
George: I dunno
Raymond: Okay, where did this happen?
George: (Quickly again) Korea.
Raymond: Korea?
George: Korea.
Raymond: You hurt yourself in Korea?
George: I dunno.